Know your best friend

You can’t choose your mom or dad, for that matter, your siblings; you happen to be amongst them. At least some of you might wish what if you had different parents, or a different brother or a sister; and a sister instead of a brother or vice versa. There is no end to human ambitions. Go ahead dreaming things that would never happen.

Only choice you have in relationship is choosing friends. People you can get along with, people whose interests align with yours, people who will be with you when you are in trouble, people who will hear your worries out, and people who will make you happy. You don’t have many such people around you—only a few. For reasons unknown, nobody has many bosom friends, buddies, and pals.

Do count yours. You will never go beyond three or four. To most people there is just one person, whom they love, and respect, and whose company they always want. It doesn’t mean that you have no other friends. Certainly you have friends whose presence you love. At school there may be many you like to hang out with. They are all equally interesting as your bosom buddy. Growing up you may have many friends, over time the number will boil down to just one or two.

Friendship helps make life a lot less worrisome. As a result, both physical and mental health of somebody with a lot of friends is different from a loner. But one word here: there are people who love to be alone, who don’t want to crowd their life with people—these people don’t give a damn about friends. But most people are not so. One study appeared in Psychological Science recently said it down pat: “boys who spent more time with friends as children tended to have lower blood pressure and lower BMI as men in their early 30s”, reports Science Daily. What a potent drug friendship is!

 Only you have got to find some interesting people, it will work wonders. But how to find friends is a big question. There are people who make and break friendship all the time. The biggest threat in the way of friendship is ego. If you want to dominate or to be the centre of a group, you will never find a friend there. Nobody wants to hang out with somebody who nags, brags, boasts, chides and dominates others all the time.

Friendship is a kind of bridging between two or more people. Let’s say between two people. In order to make the bridge happen, both should engage in building it up. It is all natural and spontaneous. Trust is its cement, and understanding its pillars. The process of construction includes meeting, talking, spending time together, and sharing. The bridge could last depending up on the quality of the cement and the pillars used. Still, there is no guarantee. The cement may come off, pillars can fall. All bridges require occasional maintenance work. Best friends always forgive and forget issues among them. Also, your best friend is the one with whom you can spend a lot of time in silence.