Win your bread with a smile

How to make a living without working? One man sitting on the peak of his laziness and boredom asked online, the place where people dump questions for some lifehack answers. Hundreds of people responded in less than a minute.

All answers had relatively the same theme: come by ancestral properties, marry somebody rich, dive in stock market and emerge garlanded with money, buy lotteries regularly, become advisors to the wealthy, lead charities, become a real estate developer and many more.

It seemed there are millions ways to earn without having to work. Few out there live leisurely doing nothing but counting money. One has to work day in and day out, to pay bills—much less saving for future. A lot of people today are tired of working. In US, they account for more than 70 per cent of employees.

However, people work each day, sitting in the same cubicle or behind a machine, getting along with the drudgery they hate. Back home, they curse their very existence, and sleep only to wake up next day to start the mill again. Most people are miserable, with no way out. Some quit jobs only to find new jobs—eventually become serial job-hoppers. 

Why people hate work at all? The quick-fix answers are: tiresome repetitive  jobs, pittance of a pay, too much work, no vacation, no promotion, a demonic boss watching, no creativity in work, bad work environs, physical exhaustion, no recognition or respect at work and more.

Some reasons are as much social as personal. Because a lot of people have same issues: for example, office feuds, backstabbing, secret plots to demoralize, vendetta to oust from key positions, and more. All this and much more could happen.

A work place is a slice of the society we live. All elements who you hate and shoo away everyday would emerge as your colleague, boss or senior. As a result, you can’t insulate yourself against all these perils.

Let’s whittle down issues to three heads: personal, social and financial.  Personal issues could crop up, not necessarily in the office, even at home for that matter. You can’t always bend over backwards to accommodate people. Sometime you have to say no—at the cost of a precious job itself. Or just get along, the way we do with bickering family members. You have to tolerate a difficult boss, or a plodding senior. Social aspect is mostly about gaining expected social status from work. One mantra is that dignity should come from job satisfaction. All works are equally important.

As for financial side, not all work offer better pay. If your job falls short of your expectations, try new options. If you are still sad, become more creative, involve a dab of passion, pick up new skills, be enthusiastic about new responsibilities, set high achieving standards, become a valuable employee, and update your knowledge and skill. Stop being a gossiper, start being spiritual, who loves and support others, whose colleagues are friends, not just machines. Enjoy your work place.