Mahabharata inspires theatrical production Eklavya

New Delhi:The major Sanskrit epic of ancient India Mahabharata has inspired yet another theatrical production 'Kiratputra', a play depicting the life of Eklavya that premiered at the Alliance Francaise, here on Saturday.

The two-hour play narrates the story of Eklavya, a dedicated disciple who had resolute will to master archery even after being rejected by the Guru Dronacharya, from whom he aspired to learn archery.

The play, with dialogues delivered poetically, was directed and written by Navodit Sharma, actor and founder of Navyam Studio Works.

"Theatre gives a chance to actors to interact with the live audience. This is what we miss out in films. Theatre is live -- one needs to act and engage with the audience at the same time. I have a strong background of theatre. Whenever I am stuck as an actor, I follow the basic rules of the theatre," the premiere's chief guest and Bollywood actor Nalin Singh told IANS.