She is bold and beautiful!

When Andrea Jeremiah was asked by a TV host to reprise a scene from her movie Ayirathil Oruvan in which she is ticking off the hero, she simply goes ballistic with a string of expletives. The host is  left cowering in mock fright.

Andrea Jeremiah is a multi-faceted talent. To go with her hotness quotient, she has crooned several hits for Tamil films, she picks and chooses film roles that come her way and is one  “ helluva” stage performer who can pull in crowds.

To boot, consider the fact that she entered cinema through the doors of theatre having debuted in a Girish Karnad production!

Malayalam viewers will remember her most for her role as ‘Anna’ in Annayum Rasoolum opposite Fahadh Fazil. She feels that it is the most beautiful film she has done yet and has high regard for Fahadh as an artist.

As a singer, she brings to her song a distinct huskiness. Think Andrea, the song Kannum kannum nokia..,  from  the movie Anniyan  is what I am reminded of. This Harris Jayaraj song was a huge hit.

Singing came to her naturally.  The quality of her voice is unique that it cannot go unnoticed.

It was through Girish Karnad's play Nagamandala that she started her career in acting though her focus was always on music. Andrea has maintained that she chose to be a professional singer and that acting happened by chance.

She has about 24 films to her filmography and double the number of songs to her credit. 

Though her first movie, Kanda naal mudal did not fetch her any fame, her role as ‘Kalyani Venakatesh’ in Pachakili muthucharam won her nomination for the best TV actor by Vijay TV.

Andrea got into the silver screen while she was busy with her singing, writing and acting in plays. When asked what prompted her to get into films, her reaction was, "As a college student, I turned down every film offer I got. I really did not intend to become a film actor. Even theatre was just a hobby. My focus was on music. However, life does not always turn out the way one wants it to. I had to make choices owing to circumstances, only time will tell whether they will pay off."

Though she started her career in theatre, Andrea performed live at music shows. She thinks live performances do not get their due in this country unless, it is a film-related event and that is the reason she started “The Show Must Go On” (TSMGO), to promote live art and artistes in Chennai. 

Ask her how she can best describe her, she calls herself an introvert, workaholic and fully committed to work. Like her senior contemporaries Nayantara and Trisha, Andrea too belongs to a generation of newfangled actors who always seek to live life on their terms.