And they live happily ever after…

I guess this happens with any married couple. After some of years of marriage, both get to become too familiar and eventually end up fighting over even trivial things.

Sometimes issues snowball but get sorted out on their own. Else after bitter fighting either the couple end up in a divorce or a well-wisher saves the relationship. And they live happily ever after.

This is in short what happens in the lives of Tanu and Manu in the recently released sequel Tanu Weds Manu Returns---four years after the original released in 2011 to widespread appreciation.

Tanuja Trivedi alias Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu Sharma aka Manu (Madhavan) are married for four years and live in London. They are as odd a couple as The Lockhorns characters in the comic cartoon strip. The bickering duo even seek professional psychiatric help, but end up quarrelling there as well resulting in Manu getting locked away in a rehab centre.

But, the juice in the time-worn story thread of a dysfunctional couple lies in the deft handling of life in a mohalla (small town neighbourhood) by filmmaker Anand Rai and the witty screenplay by Himanshu Sharma. Some fine performances by the cast also lift the film.

And, Tanu is pitched as "the "Batman" of her ‘mohalla’ and she flaunts "the legends of the Batman" – her crazy past lovers - as her trophies. She is in the double role as Tanu as well as Kusum, an athlete on whom her estranged spouse is showing romantic interest. Madhavan who returns as Manu is a perfect fit for the understated role.

Deepak Dobriyal playing the common friend Pappi has come of the best laugh lines in the movie.  He is the one Tanu sends to London to bring back Manu to India. With her marriage gone awry, Tanu is back in her mohalla where she resumes her gregarious ways. As the plot thickens, Tanu comes to know that her beau Raja Aswathi (Jimmy Shergill) is getting married while Manu discovers a spouse look-alike minus the quarrelsome traits in a Haryanvi athlete Kusum Datto Sangwan.

I wish I had watched the first film because unless you have, there are some moments that you can't get into. In fact, at a few points, I had everyone around me (obviously those who had watched the prequel) bursting out in laughter even as I sat nonplussed.

The sequel, like the original, has become a hit. The music is composed by Krsna Solo and Raj Shekhar is the lyricist.

Kangana totally kills it both as Tanu and the Kusum, where the makeover is just one of costume or appearance but in terms of accent, body language and mannerisms.

Pappi too won my heart and I can say that this was one of the best comical characters I have seen in the recent past.