Jose faction may well turn to LDF, as BJP cast its net

As Kerala Congress Jose faction goes ahead with tough stance, the party steering committee to be convened on Thursday will be critical. Top leaders point at the faction’s possibility to become part of LDF.

They do not deny the fact that discussion towards this end has been underway for weeks. UDF showed the faction the door because of this discussion.

Joseph faction has made political gain with ousting Jose faction from UDF. However, sitting seats at local bodies, won under Kerala congress banner, would be a headache.

 Jose faction will join with LDF at Kottayam district panchayat in case Joseph group moots a no confidence motion. Sources say the faction has to reach consensus with LDF only on a few areas.

The faction has the backing of the church as well, and the leaders also say that the decision to enter LDF will not be delayed.

Up on Jose K Mani’s appeal the day before the budget, the government allotted five crore for KM Mani memorial at Pala. Many allege it was part of a move to facilitate the faction’s entry to LDF.

LDF will not disown the faction with inroads in central Kerala as polls to local bodies and assembly are just round the corner.

Given this changed situation, it is a matter pride for the LDF to retain the Pala seat . Jose faction aims at the vacant Raja Sabha seat.

BJP casts net

While NDA allies complain of not getting deserving treatment, BJP is all set to enmesh disaffected small parties in both the camps.

BJP leadership covertly hinted as much to allies during the NDA meeting held in Kochi the other day.

BJP is aiming at the Jose faction. However, the Scaria Thomas faction is in the way of the faction’s aspirations to join LDF.

Given this, Jose faction may well turn to NDA, BJP believes.

Even when KM Mani was alive, BJP tried to woo him to the camp. Alongside BJP is aiming at other small parties in LDF and UDF.