Abhaya case trial: CBI mulling prosecution of witnesses turning hostile

Thiruvananthapuram: At least two persons listed as witnesses in the Sister Abhaya case stand the chance of facing prosecution for perjury, officials handling the murder case hinted.

Four witnesses have turned hostile so far,  in the case which CB has built up taking severasl years.  On suspicion of another three doing the same,  CBI did not come forward to try them.   Six others who were listed as witnesses died in the interim period.  As a result,  out of the 13 witnesses listed by CBI did not depose in favour of CBI. 

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is likely to file a report in court seeking the prosecution of Sanju P. Mathew and Sister Anupama on the charge  who have given false evidence in the case during trial.

The CBI had listed them as the fourth and fifth witnesses in the case, respectively. But when the time of trial came,  they allegedly shifted allegiance to defence during the trial.

When the courtroom witnessed such scenes of witnesses turning hostile, the CBI had pleaded helplessness and the court had at one point asked whey the investigation agency did not take legal action against them.  It is in the light of this comment too that CBI is mulling prosecution against such witnesses.