Don’t worry, you’re just big

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Don’t ever take a dig at somebody for being fat even if it is a friendly one. It could make them put on more fat. Yes, it is true.

People who are criticised about their weight feel ashamed and are more likely to delve further into their biscuit bin.

When ridiculed, studies say, sensitive ones could feel guilty and tend to eat more avoiding exercise.

Researchers from University College, London believe that obesity crisis could have a positive support if people, including doctors, stop criticizing overweight ones. It is counterproductive, they say.  

Public health campaigns should also avoid making people feel bad about their weight.

Experts say that the word ‘fat’ should be replaced with more comfortable terms like ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’.

As part of the study, around 3000 men and women aged 50 plus were weighed twice, four years apart. And they were also asked about discriminations they experienced for being overweight.

 The victims of ‘fat shaming’ put on more weight than others who were not criticised. They actually became slimmer, the study says.

Discriminations against obese ones included making them the butt of all jokes and rendering poorer service in shops, restaurants, hospitals. However, the biggest issue is calling names and taunting.

So next time instead of calling somebody fat say he or she is piling up on the pounds.