Bask in the ‘Morning Glory’

It’s a riot of colours seeping into a pit—yes, quite a sight.

The most breathtaking site is neither a painting nor flower.  Welcome to Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, US--- to take in the glory of colours.  

The natural wonder, known as ‘Morning Glory’, has been a popular tourist spot for decades. Around three million visitors flock to the park every year to savour its beauty, and they cast coins and rocks into the spring, hoping good luck.

The pool turned from what it was a few decades ago a crystal blue to a deep green hue, encircled by yellow and red rings at fringes. Accumulating coins, rubbish and natural debris over the years have clogged up its heat vents and slowed down water circulation, reports Mirror, UK.  

Just as water temperature dropped, orange-hued bacteria began to well up towards the centre of the pool. As a result, it took a bright yellowy-green hue, thus earning the name ‘Fading Glory’.

The colour comes from thermophilic bacteria present in the pool, which thrives to profusion in hot spring. At times, the pool erupts as a geyser, usually after an earthquake or from other seismic activity in its vicinity.