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Aftermath of the ‘Ultimate Deal’


Seventy years is only a brief period in the history of a nation. But, if it unleashes horror, even a brief stint of time appears grating. Palestine is a highly populated and strategically important land, existing in the midst of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

Though it is a land of golden past of prophets and  glorious cultural tradition, now it is a war-torn country. This downfall began as a result of the First World War, after the debacle of the Osmania Khilafat.  The land of Palestine was gifted to the Jews by the colonial forces; both Britain and France. The secret  understanding between the French diplomat Francis  Pickot and the British representative Marc Sykes  led to the division of Palestine. The major portion  -of 55%- was submitted to the Zionists.  Later, in  1948 , 1967, 1973 and until 2018 deliberate aerial raids and invasions were conducted by Israel inorder to expand their area of occupation. Now, Palestine 

existing in two separate pieces in Gaza and West Bank  is only 22percent of the original land of Palestine.  Of late, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump decided to  further reduce Palestine into 15percent by the ‘Ultimate Deal’. It sends a shuddering sense of apprehension as the world all over and even the UN Security Council are just idly watching this gruesome crime as the silent spectators!

The exception to this rule was Resolution 242,  unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council. It was a combined move by Britain, Russia and America.  In 1967 after the ‘Six Day' war  the Security Council accepted the resolution on  November 22. The British representative Lord Caradon moved the resolution and it was supported by Russia and America. Also it was unanimously accepted by all members with applause.

According to imperial powers,  freedom and  equality are concepts meant only for them and for their supporters.  This is evident by the fact that the US misused  its ‘veto’ power 48 times in order to  rescue Israel in its human rights violations.  In order  to implement Resolution 242, Israel discussed it with Jordan and Lebanon . Later, in 1972 Syria also adopted it. In 1968 May, Israel’s representative in the UN Security Council announced: “My government has  indicated its acceptance of the Security Council  resolution for the agreement on the establishment of just and lasting peace.  I am also authorised to affirm that we are willing to seek agreement with each Arab state on all matters included in that  resolution.” 

Resolution 242 formed the basis for later  negotiations between Israel and Arab states.  These  led to Peace treaties between Israel and Egypt in 1979 and with Jordan in 1994. The Oslo accord officially  called the Declaration of Principles (DOP) was an attempt in 1993 to set up a framework that would lead to the resolution of the ongoing  conflicts between Israel and Palestine. It was the first face to face agreement between the Palestinian Liberation  Organisation (PLO) and the Government of Israel.   Negotiations concerning the agreement were conducted secretly in Oslo, Norway hosted by the  Fafo institute and completed on 20th August 1993. Then, it was subsequently officially signed at a public  ceremony in Washington on 13th September 1993 in the presence of the PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, Israel  Prime minister Yitzak Rabin and the US President  Bill Clinton.  That is how the Palestinian National Authority was formed. The sovereignty, territorial  integrity and the political independence of every nation in the region and their right to live in peace  were guaranteed.  Withdrawal of the Israeli forces from  the territories occupied in the 1967 conflict was part  of it.  And Jerusalem was considered the capital of  Palestine. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel had special consultations with the representatives over  the implementation of Resolution 242. As part of the just and lasting peace, Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homeland was honoured. 

Now, the ‘Ultimate Deal’ put forward by Jared Kushner and Donald Trump has thrown everything to the wind.  The Ultimate Deal doesn't offer a solution but rather reinvents the right of military occupation of Israel. It recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and  ignored  the right to return of the Refugees. He wants to establish a Palestinian state  in an unspecified territory with all Israeli settlements remaining intact.  Everybody knows that Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblaatt and the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman are the extreme right wing lobbyists.  Without any doubt , the Ultimate Deal is based on the  misguided assumption that the people of Palestine  will give up their deep historical, cultural, and national commitment to Jerusalem and relinquish  the right to return of the Palestinian refugees.

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News Summary - Aftermath of the ‘Ultimate Deal’
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