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When John Bolton exits

When John Bolton exits

It was an unexpected declaration of President Donald Trump that resulted in the resignation of John Bolton from his position of National Security Advisor.  Being  well experienced and close to the coterie of the leadership , the circumstances  of his ouster was quite surprising, with a spread moustache and a cross look he has always stood out from the rest.   Both inside and outside, he took a distinct approach of extremism.  In 2003, when the US invaded Iraq he was in front of the bandwagon. Everyone knows that it was an unfortunate devastation carried out by America and the aligned nations. The argument about the possession of the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was meaningless.  Tony Blair, then British Prime minister, who supported George Bush unconditionally, had to apologise. But, John  Bolton used to gloat and boast about his participation and contributions in the war that annihilated the lives of millions.

Washington could celebrate the exit of John Bolton. In the treasury bench, he had always supported the extreme views that induced America to reckless actions. Only Netanyahu,  and perhaps Mike Pompeo also, could despair of his absence. People like Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, may find it congenial to go forward with their amiable actions. This would rather cast a better image of America in its foreign policy. Donald Trump’s assertion that the dismissal was due to disagreements in a number of issues is worth recording.

John Bolton had been exposing himself to failures in the international arena. It was only last year, he,while addressing the opposition leaders of Iran, vowed that a regime change was imminent. It also inspired the Middle East rulers who had been impatiently waiting to see a regime change in Iran.  Even though Netanyahu and the pro-Israeli Republicans kept awake the whole year, John Bolton could not fulfil his dream.

Nicolas Maduro is the democratically elected  leader of Venezuela.  Since January last year, his administration has been under opposition threat. Juan Guaido, the leader of the opposition declared himself the president and sought the support of the Venezuelan army. He publicly canvassed for their defection.  This was a clear violation of all democratic norms.  But ,this move was spearheaded under the US leadership.  Many European countries also helped  bolster the rift.   Anyway,  Maduro managed to maintain his grip on the administration and keep his popularity in tact.    

In Afghanistan, even after 18 years of war and after spending $ 900 billion, and the death of more than 1,47,000 people,  the war continues.  According to US records, more than 2,400 American soldiers have lost their lives.  Still, there are now more than 14,000 soldiers waiting to court death.  It is in this background that Donald Trump promised  to withdraw from Afghanistan. The President gave green signal to a secret meeting with Taliban at Camp David, in Maryland.  John Bolton was against this.  The meeting was cancelled due the death of an American soldier in an explosion in Kabul.  It was at this juncture thatPresident Trump declared the dismissal of John Bolton, stating that they were at daggers drawn on so many issues. However,  the US has come close to an agreement with Taliban, and as reported by Washington Post, the parley may continue paving the way for peace. Let us hope for the better.

Iran was the cataract in Bolton’s eyes. When ‘Global Hawk’ was sent to Hormuz , he was  in  the vanguard to declare the move  enthusiastically as a warning to the Iranian regime. But, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards blew  up  the dreams  of John Bolton  and Netanyahu by shooting down the American drone.  Bashar al Asaad has all along been supported by Iran and Russia.  Their attempts to wean off Iran has met with failure.  Left withno other means, Netanyahu has begun fighting in the south of Lebanon in order to fasten Hizbollah, the proxy of Iran.  Israeli drones started hitting the Iranian linked targets.  The purpose was obvious: Netanyahu wanted to escalate tension and expedite the chances of war in the Middle East. They intend a multi pronged attack on Iran so as to enable the US and Israel dominate the scene.  Realizing the situation and disregarding the consequences, Hezbollah downed the Israeli drones that entered Lebanon and shattered their hopes.  This has sent a clear  and severe message both to America and Israel that their brazen acts of aggression will not go unanswered. Donald Trump seems to realise the fact that their aggression will be jointly met with the Iranian proxies- Ansarullah, Hamas, Houthis, and Hezbollah. Hence, Trump is now in a quandary.

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