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Experts predict 2021 trends in the art world

Experts predict 2021 trends in the art world

The 2020 turmoil in the art industry has become an important part of art viewing and buying, forcing galleries and museums to close and leading collectors to digital platforms. Experts in the art world predict that Virtual will remain here and by 2021 will continue to present opportunities for all participants to interact as a community.

According to Sanjoy K Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts, Kovid-19 is definitely a focus on the virtual arts and entertainment sector. He said: "Proximity and attention" may be the new mantra to replace the 'big and bright'. Solo performances can bring skills and excellence back to the forefront. The combination of novelty and art in social and cultural celebrations gives a sense of place, identity and heritage needed today and tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality will enable you to travel the world instead of a flatbed or narrow seat. As a live event virtual performance also requires the same kind of attention and effort.

The sad reality is that without the policy intervention and strong state support we have seen across Europe and the developed world, the entertainment and arts sector will have a hard time surviving the twin attacks of the Pandemic and the consequent recession. It is seldom understood that the creative economy is not a luxury but will lead to employment and wealth creation. Without art you can have no innovation or creativity he added.

Roshini Vadra, Director, Wadeha Art Gallery, said that by 2021, the Indian art world will slowly return to its physical realm. Galleries like ours are now holding physical exhibitions in our gallery spaces. Digital enterprises of 2020 are the crop of many young collectors who are starting to build new paintings and collections. A hybrid model of virtual and physical for exhibitions, art fairs and auctions will also expand the audience that helped build the digital space by 2021.

Kolkata-based Gallery Art Exposure Director Somak Mitra added: due to the pandemic, we have made a significant change in increasing our social media presence, which has led to contact with many young collectors around the world. We see this trend in 2021, with social media playing a major role in boosting our overall sales. We also see contemporary art reaching a large scale in 2021.

Despite seeing a silver lining, painter Seema Kohli believes that virtual space is here to stay and that new possibilities for the pandemic online market have opened up.

We can see that people are spending more time at home and engaging in various online auctions, art appreciation courses, and visiting virtual shows. This has not been done before as they are going online due to travel time. In fact, Art saw different openings in online auctions and online purchases through galleries. International purchases have become much easier and borders have become more fluid. The galleries, which open only within the states, saw interested buyers not only nationally but also internationally. Inexpensive works were easily accessible and the work of more established artists and masters. Markets seemed to be booming in many areas. I see this not as a trend but as a way of life, "Kohli, who is based in Delhi, told IANSlife.

Priyanka Banerjee, an art curator and critic, believes that at this time artists were forced to turn to virtual media and hoped for more serene and green spaces in the visual arts, as most people led to a certain survival. "I have a deep appreciation for the fine arts. Artwork, sculptures and photographs of nature will soothe the senses as needed. Natural imagery is synonymous with serenity, rejuvenation, renewal and growth - all of which will be the focus of art in the coming year

Artist Sangeetha Gupta said, "I 've been thinking about this for the last nine months. Art requires an interface and visual dialogue. But in today's world this is not possible, so the digital platform is becoming the sole reliance on the display and sale of art. The new generation loves to buy everything new, and art is no elision.

(From IANS with edits)

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