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Dead bodies hidden by the Government

Dead bodies hidden by the Government

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The world's leading research institutes and various organisations are surveying the devastating effects of the Covid pandemic on humanity. Among them, the World Health Organisation (WHO) conducted a distinct study. They investigated how many people in the world had succumbed to death, directly or indirectly, in connection with Covid, beyond the figures published by the governments of its member states. Covid deaths reported between the period of January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2021, were the ones included in the WHO's investigations. According to figures released by various countries, 6 million people worldwide have died of Covid during this period. However, a study by the World Health Organisation reveals that the figures are estimated to be around 1.5 billion. This means the authorities haven't reported more than half of the 'actual' Covid deaths. Unfortunately, our country is at the forefront of this atrocious crime committed by governments. According to the Union Ministry of Health, the total number of Covid deaths in the country is around 5.25 lakh. However, according to the WHO report, it will be at least Rs 47 lakh which is ten times what was reported. This difference in the mortality rate also points to the post-Covid situation in our country. 'Excess deaths' are not unnatural or accidental during a pandemic like Covid. Every year there is an estimated mortality rate in the world. When there is a health emergency, that mortality rate rises again. And this happened during the Covid period too.

For example, in the United States, when 871 people per lakh died in 2019, it rose to 972 in 2020. Similarly, more than 150 people succumbed to death in Italy. One hundred excess deaths were recorded in India too. No one can dispute that Covid was the cause of these excess deaths when the whole world was in lockdown. But the reality was that these 'excess deaths' were not the only ones reported by the respective countries; Most deaths were unreported. This had been pointed out by many media outlets who were skeptical of the death numbers. Images of abandoned bodies and mass graves along the banks of India's most famous holy rivers have been widely reported in the international media. Apart from Covid, the tragedy doubled again with the unscientific lockdown. Those who succumbed to death during the exodus were innumerable; Many died without treatment when hospitals were closed. But the Union Ministry of Health has been trying to cover this up from the beginning. With the Prime Minister's repeated declaration of 'everything is fine here' being embraced by the pro-Modi media and the cyber fighters of the saffron army, all the tragedies related to Covid failed to make it into the news. This wrongdoing of the government is what has been exposed by the World Health Organization.

Some observations made by the World Health Organisation on Covid deaths in India are noteworthy. In 2020, the number of Covid deaths in the country was 8.3 lakh. In the first half of 2021, when the second wave hit, the death toll rose sharply. The organisation estimated that 2.3 million people died in April and May alone while it became 39 lakh by the end of the year. At the same time, the United States, Italy, and Britain, which had suffered extensively in the first wave, did relatively better in the second wave. Many of these countries have resisted the second wave by using the available health care systems. This steep mortality rate also underscores the inadequacy of such an advanced medical system. These figures reveal the true face of undeveloped and unsafe rural India. Forget health emergencies, the treatment facilities to prevent even a minor outbreak are still unavailable to most parts of the country. Despite this fact, hospitals were initially closed as part of a lockdown imposed to prevent the pandemic. The implications of these decisions are evident from the figures released by the Registrar General of India a few days ago. They have revealed that around 37 lakh people in the country have died without treatment in the initial phase. If this is the official figure, one can only guess the actual number. The problems of economic crisis, food shortages, and unemployment caused by the pandemic have already been discussed. The country, which was already embroiled in an economic crisis and unemployment, was falling into another abyss of uncertainty by the time of Covid. There have also been reports of people reducing their meals to two times a day. It is amidst a series of these catastrophes that the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the truth that the country was also a graveyard during the pandemic. As usual, the government wants to hoard this in a mixture of truths, lies, and half-truths. That is why, despite the critical acknowledgment of all other member states, India is the only country to object to the WHO report. One can only call this 'mirror smashing policy' ridiculous!

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