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Modi’s maiden I-Day speech at Red Fort

Modi’s maiden I-Day speech at Red Fort

Narendra Modi stood out from tradition as he addressed the nation on the 68th Independence Day. His 70-minute exemplary speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort was the crux of the day.

Denying the secure position inside a bullet proof podium, the Prime Minister chose the extempore way unlike his predecessors who read out of pre-prepared texts. Modi's speech gained viral prominence due to its heavy contemporary specific content.

Instead of reading out the typed matter concerning the ever stereotypical national security and defence, Narendra Modi went out to speak on the present day reality faced by the country. He beautifully portrayed the differences that he witnessed between realities that he saw when he came into politics and that of the dreams he had heard from his pioneers about the freedom of the country.

He pictured through his words the present India -- the shameful face of India-- where the women, including the infants are being assaulted, where female infanticide thrives even today, where the pathetic inequality peeps as lakhs of people are forced to defecate in public places. He mentioned in his speech the deplorable condition of people who could not even dream about having a bank account and the digital divide that dims the dreams of a digital India.

Even as he spoke about the drastic situation of the country, the Prime Minister also called for the public participation in the building of the nation--the responsibility of the medical world to curb the sex determination and resultant female foeticide , the enthusiasm that should brim in the corporate and authorities to work hand in hand to construct lavatories for the boys and girls and the inevitable situation of keeping up communal harmony; almost all of the spheres were touched upon by the Prime Minister at this year's Independence day speech.

The Prime Minister did not forget to roll out a list of projects that his government intends to implement--- he said that the economic resources of the country should be utilized for the well-being of the poor. Therefore, an account holder under `Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana` will be given a debit card and insurance of Rs.1 lakh guaranteed with that debit card for each poor family, the 'Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana' which calls for every MP to create a model village in his or her constituencies by the year 2016. The project 'Swech Bharath' that aims at a hygienic India, the prominent project of implementing, a national development commission in the place of the planning commission, 'E-governance' for computer literacy for the poor , 'Digital India' that would make the distance education an easy possibility and so goes the Prime Minister's dream projects.

Narendra Modi had been prattling over revamping the traditional ruling process even during the campaigning days. But it was noticed that he went aloof once he clutched on the power. And as a result, the public were exposed to just the continuation of a bad governance. But the situation toppled with Narendra Modi's debut Independence Day speech. After all, he is the one who has to keep the wheel rolling.

But the question is what the government would do apart from awareness ritual to curb the social insecurities that made the Prime Minister so eloquent on the Independence Day. Even as he preached on the stoppage of communal riots, doesn't he have the responsibility to clarify the government's and his party's role in that mission? Especially, these doubts rise at a time when the probe reports of the riots that occurred when Narendra Modi had been in power are popping out. And what do these revamping refer to actually - Is this based on ideals and standpoints? Does it mean to have a reform by putting those who are in 'parivar' on important positions? When he lashes on the former government would he dare to step away from their corporate means? All these questions are ought to be answered by the Modi government. So, let the wait be for the implementation of the activities and the actions that has been incorporated in the bombastic speech delivered by the Prime Minister.

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