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Crime blighted Ministry

Crime blighted Ministry

The elements of the verdict passed on by the Apex court on Wednesday, rejecting the petition of 2004 demanding to rule it illegal to give entry into the ministry, to those who has a criminal background on the basis of the technical difficulty in intervening in parliamentary affairs, still has something serious to ponder on.

There is no doubt that the Prime Minister who had pledged to remain loyal to the constitution has the utmost responsibility to take care it. So, Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not dare to go against the suggestion of the Supreme court to not include those who are facing charges in various courts into the ministry.

Justice Kurien Joseph of the five-member panel that passed the verdict has made it clear that a person who has been booked in a criminal case and awaiting trial is in a legal war against the law of the country. He has also pointed out the fact that these people would fail to function by upholding the values concerning the law of the country. At the same time, 14 members of the Modi government are booked in various police cases.

The real irony is that, 30 per cent of the candidates had furnished that they were facing charges in police cases while submitting the nomination papers. Among them 18 of them had accepted the fact that they have been involved in serious criminal cases. Uma Bharathi , Minister for Water Resources had agreed that she has 13 cases in her name including murder attempt and inciting religious hate among communities. Then there is Ramvilas Paswan who faces a bribery case, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari who has four cases to his account and the list includes Nihal Chand who had been sent summons notice on a rape charge by a Rajasthan Court.

The Prime Minister obviously chooses his ministers from the Parliament members. But, it should be noted that the UP government had hurried to overcome the 2013 verdict of the Supreme Court to disqualify any MP or MLA who had been sentenced to more than two years of imprisonment through an ordinance.

The law has not been amended yet, in such a way as to curb the entry of the criminals into the Parliament and Legislative assemblies. As a result, the political parties had given tickets to those who have been booked on the rape and murder cases during the 16th assembly elections. Most of them gained victories with the power of torrid currents of black money.

The National Election Watch had found out that about 34 per cent of the prevalent Parliamentary members have criminal background which is an all-time record.

The fact that Narendra Modi who had called out the arrival of “good days” for India had given importance and preference to a lot of criminals is disturbing. The fearful irony here is that, those who had been entrusted with the duties of holding law and order, anti- corruption actions and communal harmony are those who has the potential to destroy the very values.

The big question that arises in this context is that, is the Sangh Parivar going to take help from the maligned and criminals to attain their goal of creating their pompously proclaimed scenario for the “Hindu Rashtra Nirmithi”?

The Hindu intellectuals should answer to the question that what method had been opted for the establishment of “Dharma”—is it through superstitious tell-tales imprinted into the young minds or by upholding the good values of truth and equality for the welfare of the country?

If they are going by the strict values of truth, equality and self-possession, then it is sure that the current representatives of public tainted with criminal background could never achieve it. Will the doubts concerning all these just go futile into the mire of absurdities showcased by a politician suspected of the involvement in the fake encounter murders and the Prime Minister who has the ill reputation of supporting a genocide through communal riot?

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