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India - Israel, and the Palestinian issue

India - Israel, and the Palestinian issue

A lot of speculations are being circulated regarding India’s Palestinian policy whether it would be supporting or mulling over a shift in its approach towards the nation.

While the news about Modi government thinking of ending the support for Palestinian cause at the UN came out, the Centre reiterated on Friday that there was no change in its policy of extending the “traditional support” for Palestine even as it continues its good rapport with Israel. Sushma Swaraj, the Minister for External Affairs had stated in the Parliament that there were no changes in India’s Palestinian policy. Prime Minister Modi had also written to the UN on November 24 to re-confirm India’s support for the “just cause of Palestine and solidarity with the Palestinian people for their struggle”. The message was sent to mark the International day of solidarity with the Palestinian People. But the Israeli government and the Zionist lobby are pressurizing India to contemplate and subsequently end its years of support for Palestine. A shift in the policy would only adversely affect India as it’s not just for Palestine that the good relations would prove beneficial but also for India. Since India is well aware of the importance and value of freedom, self reliance and political power, it could also easily understand the struggle and the pain of the Palestinians. Leaders including Mahatma Gandhi have always backed the Palestinian cause and it has been continuing despite the pressures from the US and the Zionist forces. So it would only be unwise to take steps in the opposite direction.

In the 65 years of its history, Israel is going through a rough phase at present by facing severe criticism as well as isolation from the rest of the world. The international influence as well as the power of the Zionist nation is wavering along with its military power and the Western support, the two things Israel has always had to boast of, leading to questions even about its existence as a nation. The failures in Lebanon and Gaza are instances of Israel’s diminishing influence and power. On the other hand, there is the relentless struggle for freedom and identity , of the Palestinians.

The support from the world countries for Israel is also decreasing with major powers like Britain, France, Spain and Sweden recognizing Palestine as a state and extending their widespread support for its people. So has the European Parliament. The world has finally come to realize the racist policies and the anti humane approaches of the Zionist nation. US, an important ally of Israel has also crossed the boundaries getting in touch with Iran despite oppositions from Israel. The Jewish and Christian communities in the US too are mulling over their stance about Israel in the matter. In the recent BRISC summit in Brazil, the member countries including India had declared support for Palestine and commitment towards the UN policies. Given all these factors, it would be foolish for India to end its support for Palestine when the rest of the world are accepting and acknowledging the Palestinian people’s demands and rights for independence. It would only have adverse effects on us.

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