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Anti-terrorism war a failure?

Anti-terrorism war a failure?

Terrorism has become one of the most dangerous threats faced by humanity as a whole and the issue has been the agenda of the United Nations and a topic of discourse among the world nations for decades.

After the September 11 attacks, the world has been on high alert and the world countries have been convening countless summits, splashing out money and devising ways to counter the bane of terrorism. But all attempts have gone futile. The world leaders including United States and Britain started military invasions with major combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in the pretext of fighting terrorism which caused a huge financial burden on the countries ultimately compelling them to withdraw the forces and announcing the victory over terrorism. It claimed thousands of lives at both the sides and literally wiped out the nations invaded of its existence. The war waged against terrorism by the nations still continues only to witness a dangerous hike in the number of terrorist groups. According to the Global Terrorism Index report released by the Sydney based Institute for Economics and Peace, the number of terrorist attacks around the world has increased dramatically and over 80% of all terrorism occurs in only 5 countries. It also cites a 61% increase in the number of people killed in terrorist attacks over the last year.

The anti-terrorism war against the global phenomenon is apparently a failure only leading to the disruption of world peace. The impact has spread to several countries with 24 new countries experiencing terrorist attacks. While the US invaded Iraq was the most impacted country, India is in sixth place. The report also says that all the savageries were caused by four terrorist groups namely Taliban, Boko Haram , ISIL and al-Qa’ida and that the primary targets of terrorist attacks were citizens and private property. Several ongoing violence including the Christian militia group attacks in the African Republic and the attacks in Kenya, Sudan and the other African countries have been left out in the report. When the report condemned the Hamas attacks as terrorism it hailed Israeli moves as an act of maintaining law and order.

It is the third world countries that bear the brunt of the anti terrorist movements by the world powers who engage in disruptive interventions, rocket and drone attacks and slaughtering of thousands. They have also been reports of countries like the US sponsoring weapons and encouraging violence and groupism. It is nothing but the intrusion, mass murders, destruction and widespread displacement of the inhabitants that contribute to the growth of terrorism. The violence and the brutalities compel the young generation to take up arms and fight against their oppressors. Terrorism is definitely on an increase and continues to cause pain and suffering to people all over the world. A joint effort from the world countries is needed to resolve the issue which would continue claiming the lives of innocents.

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