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Halting the hatred

Halting the hatred

The problem of terrorism was imported and the indigenous terrorist activity in the country was “extremely negligible” - these were the statements of the President, Pranab Mukherjee, ahead of his visit to Norway.

He said that the 150 million Muslims of the country hardly had any involvement in it and that any acts of terrorism would be countered with appropriate steps. Modi’s remarks in an interview to the CNN before departing to the US, also won the hearts of Muslim minorities including the religious leaders and the clerics even though with a little skepticism. He said that Indian Muslims have been facing injustice for a long time and that they were ready to live and die for India. Modi also had said that the Muslims in the country would not want anything bad for India. BJP stood supporting the premier where as the Congress critisised Modi’s appreciation for Muslims as a whitewash. The prime Minster also stated that the threat from the Islamic extremists group should be seen as a “crisis against humanity and not as a crisis against a country or a race”.

Despite the president and the premier justifying the minorities, the RSS and the Sangh Parivar do not seem to work on their attitude and approach towards the Muslims in the country. There have been several incidents of communal violence as well as verbal outbreaks tainted with communal colors directed unambiguously towards the minorities after the Modi-led BJP assumed office.

The latest revelation by the 22 year old alleged victim of the Meerut gang rape case was yet another shocking testimony towards the ruling party’s hatred for the minorities. The case apparently has taken a U-turn with the victim confessing that she was neither sexually assaulted nor forced for a conversion. The woman said that she had eloped with the Muslim man out of her own will and was under fear of her parents and relatives who were against the relationship. She had then contacted a women’s police station and later was presented before the magistrate. The woman refused to go with her parents and is currently staying in Meerut Nari Niketan. The case had become sensationalized and spread like a wild fire triggering communal riots in the region. The BJP had taken it as a golden opportunity branding it as ‘love jihad’ and even running a campaign against it with MP Yogi Adityanath in the forefront.

Despite a miraculous victory in the national elections and coming into power, the ruling party’s animosity towards the minorities has not come down. The fascist mentality of having an extreme aversion towards those who do not accept or follow their principles and ideologies is clearly anti-democratic.

The ruling party and its allies should be concentrating on working towards the progress and development of the nation, shedding all the hatred rather than igniting and fanning the sensitive issues full of communal poison.

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