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Hate propaganda a way to social integration?

Hate propaganda a way to social integration?

The Sangh Parivar who has been glorifying an anti-human culture that splits the society into upper and lower classes based on birth and traditional jobs and further destabilizing it by dividing into numerous castes, talking unremittingly of unity and integration of Hindu society is nothing but ridiculous.

The head of a prominent organization representing the backward community had said that his aim was to unite everyone from Nayadi to Namboothiri communities and organized a state wide rally starting from north end to south to prove his point. If there was any element of sincerity in his words, he would have propagated the real values and principles of equality taught by the organisation’s founder who stressed on ‘One caste, One religion, One god for man”. If the right-wing groups had wanted to eliminate the circumstances that led Swami Vivekananda to call Kerala a lunatic asylum, they shouldn’t have adopted tactics for luring and appeasing the different caste outfits in order to bring them into their fold. Instead they should have utilized the power that came late to them, to build a secular and unbiased society based all-embracing humanism. What the right wing groups covet is not equality, amity or a peaceful India. Their everyday words and actions prove that they are striving to achieve their hardcore bigoted communal interests by alienating and upsetting a large part of the population who are citizens by law and distancing them from the mainstream as much as possible. To achieve their hideous goals, they constantly cite the baseless allegations of minority appeasement. The extensive report submitted by the Sachar Committee after studying the status of minorities for 50 years is the result of this false propaganda. The report on the basis of facts and estimates, had pointed out that the country’s largest religious minority lags behind the Scheduled Caste/Tribes in all important aspects of life. But the Sangh Parivar rejected the report.

The realization that the allegations of appeasement raised so far would cease to exist if a few recognize it, is the reason. Blind and irrational hatred towards minorities was the solution found by them for the integration of the majority community. And not refining and reforming the Hindu community by eradicating the decades old superstitions and social evils following the path of social reformers just like Natesan said. They lack the patience and gracefulness required for that as well. Natesan who embarked on his much publicised 'Samathwa Munnetta Yatra' had sparked a controversy leading to registering of a case against him for his statements. An auto-rickshaw driver Noushad had died last week in Kozhikode while trying to save two migrant labourers who got stuck in a manhole. Noushad had entered the manhole himself in an attempt to save them without thinking about his life. The Chief Minister had visited his house helping the family by giving a government job to Noushad’s wife and offering financial assistance. But Natesan dubbed the CM’s efforts as a way of minority appeasement saying that one should either be a Muslim or a Christian to get gratis from the Chandy government. Even though he had reframed his statements following the controversy and a criminal case filed against him, Natesan still clings onto his argument of minority appeasement. Justice Narendran Commission was entrusted by the State government to submit a report on how far the concerned communities became successful in securing government jobs reserved for OBCs in the state. The Commission found that while the Muslims lost 7000 government posts within 10 years, the Ezhavas lost just 5 posts. This is an instance of minority appeasement. What’s the point in raising allegations of appeasement against the Christian community who entered the field of education centuries ago and have been on the top most rung of the socio-educational-economic ladder in the state since then because of their hard work? When the government sanctioned private educational institutions, SNDP and NSS had overtly opposed it. Now it’s meaningless to argue over the lower number of the majority community. Unity and integration of the Hindu society would remain just a dream if they see the religious minorities as foes and propagate hatred.

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