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Bundles of praises and promises for India

Bundles of praises and promises for India

US President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama departed on Tuesday after their three day India visit with loads of praises for the country and promises for corporation in various sectors for its progress.

Obama is the first US President to visit the country twice while in office and had been invited as the chief guest for the country’s Republic Day celebrations. The visit had been highly successful particularly for the US, with the ties between both nations strengthened and the two countries signing significant deals. The visit witnessed a landmark agreement on the stalled civil nuclear deal that had led to controversies during the time of Manmohan Singh governance. India and America signed the nuclear deal in 2008 but the US companies failed to abide by the 2010 Nuclear Liability law. A nuclear insurance pool would be created that would convince the U.S. companies to build nuclear power stations in India. Modi has pandered to the American demands of clearing the private nuclear companies of their compensation. A plan to unlock billions of dollars in nuclear trade was announced as well as promises of advanced technology for the revamping of the defense field along with offering corporation for the next ten years thereby deepening the defence ties.

Both India and the US are wary of China’s growth and have reportedly declared a joint move against the country. Modi have also agreed to the US demand of having allies like Australia and Japan on their side in order to tackle the rise of China. The President addressed a gathering at the Siri Fort auditorium in the national capital where he made remarkable statements about the importance of religious tolerance and safety of women in India. Obama said that “every person has the right to practice his faith without any persecution” and that India would succeed if its not "splintered" on religious lines. He specifically cited the instances of Shah Rukh Khan, Milka Singh and Mary Kom saying that hard work, courage and humanitarian values always inspire people. Obama also stressed the need of safety for women, saying that ”every girl's life matters “ and urged to treat them with” respect and dignity”. He said that nation would be successful when their women were successful.

Obama concluded saying that the world would be a safer and secure place when its largest and oldest democracies, namely India and the US, stand together and that America could be India’s “best partner”. He also guaranteed a 400 crore dollar financial aid. Being vulnerable and susceptible to the US demands would only further weaken India. Depending on the Western powers always and not striving to be self-reliant would make the country dancing to the tune of America. Receiving favours and financial help is no harm but it shouldn’t be at the cost of our freedom, survival and self respect.

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