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Fascism rules

Fascism rules

The lynching of a Muslim man, a resident of Bisara village in Dadri district of Uttar Pradesh, for consuming and storing beef at his home is an outright pointer towards the ‘climate of hate’ propagated by the Sangh Parivar and its allies in the country.

Iqlakh, 50, was dragged out of his home and beaten to death on Monday night around 10 pm by a mob of around 200 persons who attacked his residence. His 24-year old son Danish was also critically injured during the attack and is undergoing treatment. The attack on Iqlakh and his family took place after an announcement was made at a local temple that a cow has been slaughtered and beef was stored in his house. The family members denied eating or storing beef claiming that they had only goat meat brought for Eid kept in the house. The forensic officials took the meat for investigation and police later confirmed it. The tragic incident tainted with communal colors took place when Prime Minister Modi was delivering enthusiastic speeches in the US about digitalizing India. The incident doubtlessly shames the country before the rest of the civilized and progressive world nations. Cow slaughter is banned in Uttar Pradesh and the rhetoric about cow protection has encouraged fanatics to resort to violence. The Modi government wants a country wide ban on cow slaughter and beef trade, owned mainly by Muslims.

The reaction of the Prime Minister as well as his party and followers towards the incident is yet to be seen. The ambience of hate propagated by the BJP and the Sangh Parivar could only be seen as attempts to polarize people. Iqlakh is yet another victim of the Sangh Parivar ideology of promulgating vegetarianism and killing innocents. Even if the family had consumed beef, there were provisions in the law to tackle the issue. But people taking law into their hands and beating a man to death and attacking his family in the name of cow slaughter is unacceptable to a civilized society that abides by law. The concept of Cow slaughter itself is an object of ridicule for the progressive world outside let alone worshipping a particular animal as god and mother and expecting others to follow. According to them, nobody has the right to consume, store and sell beef and whoever violates the law would be treated as criminals and handled accordingly. Just as the relevance of beef ban is being questioned in the modern and progressive society, a man is beaten to death in front of his family for consuming beef. The criminals responsible should be penalized. The temperament of the country’s majority has been influenced by the ‘superior’ few who are most likely to push the nation into Dark Age.

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