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Russia’s invasion of Syria

Russia’s invasion of Syria

The Syrian civil war has been going on with nationwide protests against the despotic government of Bashar al Assad who responded with massive and brutal crackdowns on its people leading to the death of 2.5 lakh civilians and displacing thousands.

The imperialistic powers have played a significant role in aggravating the scenario. Despite the various political and geographical reason cited, it’s evident that they do not have anything else on their agenda other than their personal interests. Assad has been responsible for the misery of millions of Syrians that eventually led to independent as well as combined uprisings against the autocratic ruler. Even though the Arab Muslim nations and the world powers have come forward against Assad, there were several disparities within. Terrorist groups like Al Qaida dominated the scene for some time, soon to be replaced by the Islamic State that is continuing to terrorise the nations. The IS had grown out of Al Qaida in Iraq entering the international scene by capturing large swathes of Syria and Iraq and spreading fear through its brutality, mass killings, beheadings and abductions. The rest of the world was eventually compelled to redirect their attention towards the insurgents rather than the Syrian autocrat. Assad continued war against his people stabilizing his despotic rule. Russia and Iran had long backed Assad both overtly as well as covertly. The Arab countries, US and other western forces are carrying out independent as well as combined attacks on the IS bases in Syria and Iraq in order to eliminate them.

It was in this scenario that Russia set its foot in Syria with Russian troops landing in the country this week. Russia has been carrying out airstrikes in the Syrian province of Homs since Wednesday. Despite Russia’s stance that it is aiding the world powers in tackling the Islamic State, the country evidently seems to have different goals. The thirty airstrikes, reportedly, were not in the areas held by the IS militants but targeted against the militia battling the Assad regime with the aid of the US. About 36 civilians including five children were killed in the attacks on Homs. The opposition group, the Syrian National Council said that there were no Islamic State forces in the areas struck by the Russian forces. Pro-Damascus media too have confirmed the fact. Russia’s Sukhoi war planes targeted the anti-government areas in Hama and Homs and not the IS controlled north east Syria. Assad’s army had of late, received a setback in aread under control of anti-government forces. Russia who had been so far backed Bashar is apparently all set for a fight in Syria. US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Putin had locked horns over Syria in the recently held UN Security Council meeting. While Obama blamed Assad for the genocide in Syria and that it couldn’t be seen as an internal conflict, Putin hit back saying that the issues in West Asia including Syria was created by the US. Amid the friction, comes Russia’s invasion of Syria. The intervention of the imperialistic forces often ends in aggravating the issues rather than resolving it. The move against the IS insurgents might be a relief for Assad. But the autocratic ruler aims to wipe out democracy by eliminating his political opponents with Russia’s help. Soviet Russia had earlier aided Assad’s father by obliterating the Syrian city of Hama. Putin’s Russia too is evidently backing Bashar al Assad by invading Syria and commencing the airstrikes in Hama. Who would emerge victorious in the end is yet to be witnessed.

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