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Beef politics at Kerala House

Beef politics at Kerala House

The Delhi police raid at Kerala House in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on Monday to inquire whether beef curry was served on the menu is the latest in the beef-related untoward incidents happening across the country.

The Kerala House in Delhi represents Kerala like all the 29 states of the country having their control-centers in the capital. It has a significant role in maintaining smooth ties with the Centre and the states in the federal system as envisaged in the Constitution. Kerala House is where all the Ministers and government officials stay during their visit. But the recent raid by the Delhi police into its kitchen hunting for beef shows that even a government institution isn’t safe, particularly when the communal Fascist forces tighten their grip on the nation. From Dadri in Uttar Pradesh to Kerala House in New Delhi, the fanatical search for cow-meat served, which has engulfed India symbolizes a treacherous malady. The cops rushed to the Kerala House after receiving a call by a Keralite claiming to be from a fringe right-wing group complaining of beef curry being served here. They raided the premises without the permission or knowledge of Resident Commissioner, Kerala House Controller or the State government. The incident would definitely agitate those who seek calm and peaceful lives. It has been decades since the Kerala House started functioning and also years since the beef have been served in its kitchen. It is neither the urgency to implement the law nor the vigilance to ensure the law and order as claimed by the Police officials and the BJP leaders that prompts the ruling government to make such a move but the intolerance and impudence of power that reiterates the Fascist attitude. The rampant protests against the beef raid at the Kerala House indicate the gravity of the matter.

Even though the Chief Minister had written to Prime Minister Modi seeking action against those responsible for the incident, the Delhi police standing firm in their stance signals that such similar incidents are likely to repeat in future. Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal slammed the Delhi police for their action and likened them to BJP Sena saying that the move was ‘an attack on the federal structure’. The ruling government’s perception of the keralite culture rooted in secularism with contempt is reflected in the incident. The Sangh Parivar and the Modi government see Kerala where cow-meat is still not banned, in a different view. That is why the police are deployed to nurture the fascist attitude that is similar to questioning the power of public institution according to the directions of senseless hypocrites who ignite the communal fanaticism of the outfits active only in the street. The recent incidents are akin to what happened in Nazi Germany. Intruding into the Kerala house today could also mean intruding into the Parliament tomorrow. It’s high time the people realize the rampage of the dangerous ideologies who display contempt towards democratic values and the judiciary. It’s up to the ruling, political and cultural leadership whether they are willing to ignore the coalition parties and jointly resist such Fascist tendencies. With the local body polls just around the corner, the politicians might be worried over the benefits that might occur due to the controversies created by such incidents. The decision of the Kerala House authorities to change their decision to take beef off its menu whenever the police appear saved Kerala’s face before the communal forces that are bent upon spreading hatred and intolerance among the people.

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