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The true face of IAEA

The true face of IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s General Conference held in Tel Aviv on Thursday voted against a resolution that called for an international supervision of Iran’s nuclear sites.

The resolution put forward by Egypt was backed by 43 countries including Turkey, Syria, Iran, Libya, Russia and China and was strongly voted down by the 61 nations that included the US, European nations and Australia. About 33 countries abstained from the process. Israel has been carrying out intensive campaigns against the proposal for the last two months despite the allegations of manufacturing nuclear weapons at the Dimona nuclear reactor continuing to exist. Therefore the result was hailed as a ‘great victory’ for the Zionist nation. Israel is believed to possess dozens of nuclear weapons that poses a ‘permanent threat to the peace and security in the region’. But the Zionist nation managed to get through all the inspections by falsely implicating Iran. Countries that backed Israel had strongly insisted on carrying out the inspection of Iran’s nuclear facilities. But since an agreement was reached on the matter, examination of Israel’s nuclear sites became essential. But Israel with more backing from its allies than in previous years overcame the process reinforcing evidences of stronger partiality not just in the United Nations but in IAEA as well. Mordheshai Vanoonu, an Israeli nuclear expert and a former technician at Dimona had spoken about Israel’s nuclear secrets in 1986 itself saying that the country had produced at least 100 nuclear warheads. Given that Israel being the only country in the region that hasn’t signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the IAEA has more accountability in putting reigns on the country’s nuclear activities. All these have encouraged the nuclear projects in the Zionist country.

The US, Israel and the European countries have been engaging in propagations against Iran since 1980s. Iran was since then accused of manufacturing nuclear weapons as much as possible in two years. But no evidences have been found so far. Even though Iran had maintained that the main aim wasn’t manufacturing nuclear weapons but nuclear energy, US had repeatedly rejected its stance. It continued even after Iran signed the NPT. Both the UN as well as the IAEA had turned a blind eye towards the frequent reports about Israel manufacturing nuclear arms. Israel was continuing to produce nuclear weapons even while accusations of not informing the IAEA about the nuclear activities arose. Tough sanctions were then imposed on Iran citing policies for freeing the Middle East from mass destructive weapons. But no actions were taken when Israel became the only nuclear power in the region and also when Vanoonu presented the evidences related to the matter. In 2010, the non-aligned countries had urged Ban Ki-moon to call for a UN conference aiming a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East. The summit never happened even though it was promised to be held in two years time. The demand to make Israel a non-nuclear-weapon state hasn’t been implemented even after forming a nuclear agreement with Iran.

The latest decision by the IAEA confirms this discriminatory stance. There have been reports including that from the BBC that Britain and France aided Israel in manufacturing nuclear weapons violating the laws. President Richard Nixon had assured Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir in 1969 that the US wouldn’t be leaking Israel’s nuclear secrets to the world. While many countries become victims of such discriminations and bear the sanctions and invasions, a ruthless few are exploiting the world using armaments and power. IAEA have just re-confirmed the people’s realization about the veracity of the powerful nations and the UN.

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