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Global peace and harmony a distant dream

Global peace and harmony a distant dream

As the year 2016 is all set to wave a goodbye, leaving behind the stains of wars, genocides and terrorist attacks, the latest developments in the global political scenario provides little hope of restoration of world peace in the New Year.

Latest incidents such as the horrific assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey in the country’s capital Ankara, the deadly truck attack on Christmas market in the German capital of Berlin, that killed12 persons and the IS claiming responsibility of the murder of ten people in Al-Karak of Jordan all show that ‘extremism’ is tightening its grip in the mindset of the people worldwide. But what should be feared is the major powers exploiting these incidents to prepare for lethal experiments. The controversies now surround the ‘hands’ behind the 22-year old Mevlut Mert Altintas, a Turkish policeman who shot down Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov. While the Ankara government keeps saying that US-based Fethullah Gulen might be the brain behind the killing, the Putin-government isn’t ready to reach a conclusion on just Gulen. Soon after the incident, the Russian Foreign Minister had reacted that the killing was aimed at sabotaging the warming ties between Moscow and Ankara and efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria. The assassinator had, after shooting the ambassador, shouted, "Remember Syria! Remember Aleppo!”, giving an indication that the assassination was his revenge for the genocide in the Syrian city. However, the Western powers did not give that angle a serious thought. It may be due to the fear of their brutality being revealed before the world. Furthermore, a widely accepted theory is that the assassination was carried out by the US spy agency, the CIA, in an attempt to stop the scheduled meeting of Russia, Syria and Turkey in Moscow. The reason behind the Erdogan government sticking to its claim of Gulen being the brain behind the attack is understandable from the above theory.

It is a fact that even the moderates can make use of the Russian ambassador’s assassination and the terrorist attack in Germany to justify the harsh approach the EU adopted recently in the issues of refugees and immigrants. The reactions given by some of the world leaders of the right wing, including that of US president-elect Donald Trump, are meant to only add fuel to the fire. What Trump said about the terrorist attack in Germany was that it was a part of the global-jihad against Christians. Trump is a leader who did not utter a word against the Russian attacks in Aleppo and other Syrian cities using vacuum bombs, barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and bunker-busters; he did not see any religious conspiracy in those dreadful attacks. But he could ‘realize’ the ‘depth of jihad’ when a dozen of people were killed in an attack on Christmas market! The basic cause of all the issues is the approach of the World. They watched as silent spectators without any guilt when five lakh people were massacred and over 15 lakh people displaced as refugees. They are but shuddered and shaken by an attack that happened in the soil of the West!

Even the discussions that began over the situation in Syria are not to think about the future of the people and their country that was destroyed as part of the tricky agenda of some vested interests. You realize the bitter reality of the world you live in when you understand that they are rather in a hurry to single out the future ‘boss’ in the cemetery of West Asia. Nobody believes that either the terrorist attacks in Europe or the discussion kick-started in Moscow can bring peace to the world. The world is heading to a more serious and complicated scenario. On one side, the IS may carry out more attacks in the world, by exploiting the fury of the people towards the world powers following the incidents in Aleppo. On the other side, the Russia and the US may open more war-fronts of heinous cruelty and massacres in the name of world-peace and terrorist-hunt. In short, a world of peace and harmony seems a distant dream.

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