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“Those who ate salt should drink water”

“Those who ate salt should drink water”

The dramatic events that took place in the past two days in Kerala have landed even the common man, besides political parties and their leaders, into a dilemma.

The ongoing political drama is one of the rarest in the state’s political history and questions the state’s moral and ethical character. The recent discourses and debates in the state have been centered on just two high profile cases for some time, the Bar Bribery case and the Solar scam with the legal battles, observations of the lawyers and the revelations before the Judicial Commission related to the cases becoming the main subject of discussions. The Finance Minister has already quit his post following the hullabaloos over the Bar Bribery scandal. Even the daily proceedings of Justice G Sivarajan Commission probing the Solar scam, grabs the headlines catching public attention. The Chief Minister Oommen Chandy questioned for around 14 hours before the Solar Commission has become a rare episode in the history of the state politics. The CM’s experience is a lesson for the ruling political leadership who usually gets away using the Judicial Commission whenever any controversy kicks in. A Chief Minister being questioned for so long in a case entwined with corruption and illicit links with women indicates the decay of principles and morality of politics and governance.

The shocking revelations of Saritha S Nair, the main accused in the Solar scam before the Commission are what has rocked the state for the past two days. The ‘paternal’ Chief Minister rubbishing her allegations before the Commission might have prompted her to turn against the CM. However the Congress leaders strongly argue that the Opposition and the liquor lobby were behind Saritha, conspiring against the CM. Chandy seems optimistic that the people wouldn’t believe the allegations against him. But the people would soon realize the truth and pass their judgement. It’s true that the people have been shocked by some of the accusations raised by Saritha in her statements. She revealed that the CM was offered a bribe of Rs 1.9 crore for facilitating the Solar mega power project that she was supposed to start and that the then Additional Private Secretary to the Chief Minister, Jikkumon Joseph informed her that she would have to shell out 7 crores for the same.

To think that the people would refuse to believe the statements just because it was issued by Saritha might be an over expectation. She disclosed the handing over of the money to Thomas Kuruvila in Delhi, as suggested by the CM revealing the specific place and date. She also revealed that she was introduced to Power Minister Aryadan Mohammed by the CM and gave 40 lakhs to the minister instead of the Rs 2 crores demanded. The Thrissur Vigilance Court based on the bribery allegations, ordered lodging an FIR against the Chief Minister and Aryadan Mohammed. The Opposition on the other hand reminds that the CM has no way out other than his resignation. The shameful happenings are deeply frustrating to anyone who contemplate honestly and unbiased. The leaders themselves have failed to escape the clutches of corruption that has gripped the governing system from head to toe. Saritha has exposed the disgraceful face of our political and social system that has already reached the extreme levels of moral decay. A woman who is bent upon accomplishing her actions by exploiting the weaknesses of those at the top as much as possible should bring to senses the conscience of the state. Whoever it is, effective steps should be taken to punish the people responsible. As the famous saying goes, let all those who ate salt, drink water. Let the wrongdoers pay for their crimes.

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