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Who will 'bell' the Minister?

Who will bell the Minister?

There is a status and value usually bestowed by the people to position and power.

Those who carry out actions failing to remember their social positions tarnish not only their reputation but also that of their confidantes. One of the ruling Ministers of the state recently made derogatory remarks that in fact, shames Kerala as a whole. Given that the senior leader’s insensitive comments haven’t gone down well with even those in the party, the reactions of the public needn’t be told. A minister of the ruling government who is in a responsible position going on a public rant against police officers rightfully performing their duties and women activists fighting for safeguarding their rights, reveal not just his loose tongue but also the spineless attitude of those responsible for reining him down. Pembilai Orumai is an all-women collective formed for fighting against the exploitations of women plantation workers in Munnar without the support of any influential political party or trade unions. Their battle for justice grabbed international attention. In Idukki, the underworld joined by the politicians who shut their eyes to the illegal encroachments and violation of laws in the area, is on a rampage. Since the political parties including those who bring up the issue of trade union interests take favours from the land mafia overtly and covertly, the attempt to curb any encroachment including that in Munnar would only be a failure.

Madhyamam has brought to light several facts related to the illegal activities of the encroachment political front in Idukki. Pembilai Orumai had staged one of the historic stirs against land encroachment and exploitation of plantation workers. But the agitation too didn’t couldn’t save itself from the clutches of the politicians capable of suppressing as well as tarnishing any official moves and public protests against the land encroachment in Idukki. However, it was amidst the move to hold a protest recognizing the exploitation that Minister Mani came up with a sleazy remark, something that the male chauvinists use for squashing any issue involving women. Anyone who discerned the derogatory comments passed by Mani in channel interviews and public speeches could in no way justify them. When his statements quoted a controversy, the Minister tried to defend himself by uttering more brainless comments. It might be comprehending the ramifications of anti-women remark that he altered his statement saying that his comments were directed against the officers and media persons and not the women activists holding the agitation. Is passing such disparaging statements against everyone who oppose the land encroachment deemed right by the Minister and his supporters?

Mani didn’t just make an anti-women remark but he is continuing to pass nasty comments and threatening the officers who perform their duties according to the orders of the present government. Despite the concerned religious community and the locals denouncing the unfair encroachment under the guise of a cross, Mani continued to target dutiful officials and those backing them by making communal allegations and statements igniting communal sentiments. A person who always draws the cards of his ‘rural roots’ and the ‘slang’ whenever his loose talks turn controversial, everyone knows for whom Mani has been stationed in Idukki. Both his words and actions doesn’t suit a Minister in a responsible post. A Minister who should be the proprietor as well as protector of constitutional institutions, making derogatory comments and intimidating the officers is challenging his position and the people who respect it. It was realizing the dignity of the official post that a Minister in the Left Front gave his resignation when a controversy involving him stoked up. The Chief Minister had then quickly accepted the resignation. It might be fearing the burden of the filth that will have to be borne otherwise. Mani however had said that he wouldn’t apologize for his remarks against the women plantation workers and that he won’t resign. Will the CM and the party be ready to ‘bell’ its own Minister?

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