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A US President who backs racist fanaticism


The fundamental perspectives that the language and the vocabulary of the governments should be of high moral standards, have been constantly altered since Donald Trump came to power.

The world has been watching the developments with much apprehension. The man himself stooping low into circumstances that are more worrying is what is being seen at present. President Trump who had condemned the violent attacks and goondaism unleashed by racist fanatics in Charlottesville, Virginia last week, argued that the left wing groups, like the far right wingers were equally responsible for the attacks. This attempt to whitewash the so called Hitlers who are widely dubbed as Neo-Nazis, has invited harsh criticisms causing splits even in his own party. Trump’s testament that there were ‘very fine people’ on both sides has delighted the far right wing groups like ‘Ku Klux Klan’. The happenings in Charlottesville, 200 km away from Washington on Friday and Saturday last week reveals before the world the depth of America’s decline. The fanatics took to the streets shouting the racial virtues of the whites holding up every symbol of racism ever seen in history and unleashing violence against those raising voices of dissent. When attacks took place against those demonstrating peacefully, it claimed the life of a woman and injured around twenty. What terrified the peace seekers was that the indicators and slogans humanity witnessed during Hitler’s Nazi rule, reverberated through the streets of the US.

Yelling slogans of ‘blood and soil’ and holding placards shooting insults towards the minorities and blacks was seen by those who genuinely love their country as a ‘celebration’ of far right wing groups who feverishly argue about America being their dream country. That was why both the Republican as well as Democratic members of the Parliament reacted sharply against the statements of Trump who defended the racists. Political sources do not conceal the fact that Steve Bannon the ‘alt-Right’ leader, one of the crucial players to pave way for Trump’s entry to White House and at present his key advisor, pulled the strings from the backroom to unleash racial violence. Said that, the rest of the world concludes the fact that it’s President Trump himself who encourage such ‘celebrations’ of racial hatred from the White House. Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke’s statement that the attacks was a fulfillment of Donald Trump’s vision for America, points towards a devastating future lying before a country.

There are several instances in the history of America, where racial and sectarian views have clashed with modern concepts of state. Whenever the racists let lose the dark face of demonism against humanity, leaders with determination have come forward resisting it. It’s the time to remember the reality that today’s America is a historical vestige of diversity and concept of equality fought and won by Martin Luther King and Malcom X. Although the racial supremacists reveal their hate sentiments whenever an opportunity strikes, and make attempts to pressurize the governments according to their vicious agenda, those at the helm have displayed high moral standards firmly holding on to the tradition of guiding those strayed to the right track. Instead of completely condemning the violence in Charlottesville and overtly denouncing the forces behind it, Trump’s statements that there are ‘fine’ people on both sides reveal his racist mentality. It could be said that he hasn’t at all changed his aversive outlook towards the religious minorities and marginalized. When asked about Russian president Vladimir Putin, Trump told Fox News- ‘We have got a lot of killers. Do you think our country is so innocent?’

The US Presidents from George Washington to Obama even amidst the shortcomings in their policies or failure in governance, had never allowed to keep moral perceptions away from the civic society. A tweet from Obama amid the Virginia violence, became the most popular one on the platform. The tweet ‘No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion’ was ‘liked’ more than 2.8 million times. After the American war of independence, Abraham Lincoln had reminded the US citizens to let go of hatred, to show empathy and to remain firm in one’s path. But how abruptly had Donald Trump had dissociated himself from this principle?

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