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US isolating itself

US isolating itself

The General Assembly of the United Nations has condemned the US decision of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital deepening its isolation from the world.

America which made itself a subject of ridicule by intimidating others and luring them with money suffered a jolt by the sense of justice displayed by the majority of the world nations. The declaration of US president Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocating its embassy there, drew condemnation from across the world. Of the 15 members in the Security Council, 14 nations except the US backed the resolution introduced by Egypt. Eventually America saved its face by using the unfair tool of vetoing. It was following this that Yemen and Turkey came up with a resolution against the decision of the US in the General Assembly and the UNGA convened an emergency meeting and put it up for voting. While 128 countries backed the resolution, 35 abstained from voting and 9 opposed it. America had come up with open threats and enticements before the voting. Trump and US ambassador to UN Nikki R Haley had overtly deployed pressure tactics. The majority of countries openly opposed the violation of law by the US by overcoming all this. This can be seen as one of the instances in which UN proved its relevance. When UN General Assembly decided to accord Palestine Non-member Observer State’ status in 2012, 138 countries had backed the move. This time again India, as it did then, held up its dignity and credibility by standing up for the fair rights of Palestine. It has also become clear that the countries that opposed the resolution and those that abstained from voting have no justification to offer for their stand. It should be deemed that their ‘independent’ stance is only to bow down before America.

The blow inflicted by the international community on the US and Trump administration is not trivial. If the Security Council had passed the resolution, it would have been binding on all. However, if the decision is of the General Assembly, the resolution, being no-binding, need not necessarily be implemented. Still, US is facing unprecedented isolation from the world nations. US all of a sudden taking an absurd decision, Nikki Haley warning to take note of the nations that opposed the decision and Trump declaring that the nations who receive aid from America should obey them through these utterances right from US mouths, US has proved how low it has stooped morally. Bolivia’s UN ambassador who said that ‘the first name she (Nikki Haley) should write down is Bolivia’ and Turkey’s president who remarked that the votes and dignity of the democratic nations were not for sale have not only wounded Trump’s arrogance but also upheld international laws. Some countries that do not always express solidarity with Palestine opposed US this time and that was for achieving rule of law at the global level. The law is not what Trump says; it is the agreements achieved through discourses between nations.

The UN has passed scores of resolutions declaring the settlements in Jerusalem and annexation illegal. But Israel has always behaved as if they were not bound by them. The number of international laws violated by Israel is 67. UN Security Council alone has passed 15 resolutions against Israeli violations. Many resolutions, including that of last year, prohibiting change in the status of Jerusalem, are binding on America too. As such, it was for the rest of the countries to respond collectively to the US defiance in asking them to ignore all laws and to obey what the US dictates. But unfortunately, countries like Canada and Australia were able to abstain without a position even on this issue. This lack of clear position is the world's misfortune. And seven countries that stood in support of US and Israel are in fact colourless entities in the map of the world.

The world should also have been noting how empty US rhetoric is. After having made a threat that those who need US aid should succumb to them, US had to soften its tone, and this should have been on the realization that the US needs others more than others need the US. In the first place, compared to the aid given by other nations, the US aid is not considerable. Germany, with a population of a quarter that of US, and Britain with a fifth of US population do distribute aid on a par with US. Secondly, most of the aid doled out by US go to the corporates of receiving countries. America does give huge aid to Egypt, not only to win its support on Palestine issue, but also as aid to purchase arms which in turn will benefit US arms makers. The US decision on Jerusalem has also created an opportunity for other countries to comprehend such facts. The country facing the real threat is America: losing its credibility, and being isolated as never before.

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