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Sexual Violence On a Rise

Sexual Violence On a Rise

A prominent film actress was abducted and molested late Friday night triggering a furore across the nation.

Members of the film fraternity and several others have come out in support of the actress strongly condemning the incident and demanding exemplary punishment for the culprits. Statements, poems and postings on social media slamming the incident will now be increasingly surfacing. That this piece would also be likened to such statements is a reality. However, sexual assaults and harassments against women will continue to exist in the state as an incessant reality. It will persist as an irrevocable tragedy that raises a question mark on the face of humanity. It’s one of the most popular and a leading actress who has encountered such a traumatic experience. What could then be said about the plight of the weak and the ordinary hailing from average social backgrounds? Our public conscience has stooped to the shameful level of merely passing over such tragic news stories related to sexual violence as in the case of elite creations.

It might be the reason why even a responsible news channel affiliated to the Left wing progressive outfits took to insensitive reporting. The reports that surfaced online and on the social media prompt us to painfully share the skepticisms whether we have sunken to the level of a morbid society. Many use such incidents to satisfy their sexual fantasies rather than to extend support to the victim. Even the responsible journalists and media persons during such ‘zealous’ moments, neglect protecting the identity of the victim of sexual abuse as mandated by the law of the Indian Penal Code. Only the silent cries of the traumatized women ripped apart by such heinous crimes remain and the predators continue their hunt for the next victim.

Meanwhile, Media One channel has begun airing a news series titled ‘Manushyarelaatha Makkal’. It comprises shocking and despicable revelations about sexual abuses experienced by the elderly women in old age homes, hospitals, on streets and even in their homes. The series proves that the state has turned into place where men, young and old, sexually abuse and assault their own grandmothers. We could only at present, share the dire apprehensions of our sexuality and man-woman relationships reaching a heinous and a terrifying state.

Many believe that the only solution to the problem is to nurture the male-female relationships in a modern and progressive environment and foster liberal atmospheres and relationships. However, it’s also a reality that the Western developed nations where progressive and liberal atmosphere prevails, stand first in rape crimes. Liberality in male-female relationships in all forms possible, exist in these regions. Our state ranks first in the country for literacy and public consciousness. But we are not far behind in sexual violence and abuses. What could possibly be the solution to this social menace? What else to say other than to pose the same question again!

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