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Russian intervention in US politics

Russian intervention in US politics

Three secret investigation agencies have come up with evidences that reveal Russia’s covert intervention in the US presidential elections in order to help the Republican nominee Donald Trump win the race for the White House, beating Democratic Party candidate Hilary Clinton.

The revelations by the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) not only take the contention between the world powers to a new level but also generate an impression that Trump’s victory in the elections was the consequence of a bigger conspiracy. The reports after the inquiries by the agencies were presented by the Director of National Intelligence, before US president Barack Obama and president elect Donald Trump. The 25-page report divulges the campaign of severe cyber-attacks masterminded by Russian president Vladimir Putin to undermine the confidence of the people in US democratic system and turn the presidential elections in Trump’s favour.

Although the agencies haven’t alleged that the elections were rigged, Russia was found to have actively intervened in the polls to ensure Trump’s victory. After the two-hour long discussions on the matter at the Trump Tower, New York, with the heads of the intelligence agencies, Trump dismissed the accusations of Russia’s interference that aided his victory. However, it has to be noted that he didn’t completely deny Putin’s role which was earlier alleged by his political opponents. He is now busy bashing the Democratic Party for its failure in keeping secrets and the CIA, for its errors happened in the past.

From the initial stage itself, the Democratic Party had been complaining of Putin’s moves in favour of Donald Trump. It has now been proven that those moves were well-planned. The game-plan of the Kremlin government was multifaceted as they included cyber-attacks, extensive campaigns, spreading of fake news, personal attacks against Hillary Clinton, and also attempts to mould public opinion that was in critical of the US electoral system. The report indicates that when it was seemed at a stage that Clinton was going to win the elections, Putin’s men hijacked the scenario with their extensive malicious campaigns. According to the reports, the Kremlin had to convince the world that the US election system was not better than that of Russia itself or the neighboring countries. The investigations agencies have noted down specific reasons for Putin siding with Trump. His animosity towards Clinton is transpired from the thought that her stand in many critical matters was against Russia and Putin. Through his intervention in the elections, Putin was taking his revenge on Clinton, who he thinks, had supported the anti-Putin protests spread in Russia and neighboring countries during 2011-12. It has been found that the Russian army intelligence was used to get the campaign tactics of the Democratic Party. Putin ordered to ‘leak’ the stolen information in order to influence the election campaign, the report says.

Those who are aware of the history of both the US and Russia aren’t likely to get surprised about these ‘sabotage’ stories coming from there. Because both these countries have always tried to impose their mysterious tactics on democratic systems across the world in an attempt to influence them and knock them down, if needed. A study says that the two world powers have sabotaged the elections in 117 countries to cater to their own aspirations in the region during the period of 1946-2000. It was their crooked brains that scripted the military coups in Afro-Asian and Latin American countries. The present hullabaloo of America has to be considered as the cries of helpless people who tremble at the thought of Donald Trump assuming power.

‘As you sow so shall you reap’ - There is nothing else to say to a country that is upset seeing the transformation of a single-polar world to one that has the Tsarist Russia gripping its authoritative claws over it.

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