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Who will rein down the irresponsible babbles?


The phrase ‘post truth’ itself entails the warning that the contemptible tactics of winning the hearts of people by issuing false statements and hollow arguments has become a convention in the modern world.

The despicable strategy of convincing the people by means of latest campaigning methods without any backing of facts or confirming their authenticity has become a global practice. That even those who holds the office of the Prime Minister dare to make fake statements should be seen gravely. When the election campaigns in five states including Uttar Pradesh reached a culmination, PM Modi made undiluted communal remarks and false vaunts. When there is a dearth of governmental gains to flaunt, the easiest way to divert public attention is to point fingers at any ‘enemy’. It’s the basic aspect of Fascism. That’s how Modi brings up the ‘graveyard’ row during a poll rally in Fatehpur, UP. By commenting that if land was given ‘to build kabristan (graveyards), land should also be given for shamshaans (crematoria)’, he dons the role of a savior for the majority community. ‘If there is electricity in the graveyard and during Ramzan, it must also be available in a crematorium and during Diwali. There should be no discrimination’, he had said. For whom is it difficult to comprehend the communal tone of his remarks? BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj also followed suit by adding fuel to the fire. He remarked about the scarcity of land required by the twenty crore Muslims in the country to bury their bodies while Hindus do not need such spaces for graves. He added that the Muslims should also follow the practice of cremating the bodies like the Hindus.

RSS spokesperson Kundan Chandrawat made a remark during a rally in Ujjain declaring Rs one crore reward on Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s head. All these instances show how low our nation has come to. The country as a whole should be contemplating on how to counter this belligerent Fascism. The most pitiful fact is that even the Election Commission that had directed the political parties not to seek votes in the name of religion, caste and community, stands helpless. Anybody could be imprisoned after charging according to the Indian penal code and UAPA for inciting communal hatred. Add to this the enthusiasm of Prime Minister Modi in bringing up the Kanpur train mishap that killed 140 people during the poll campaigns. The Centre after the incident, had revealed that steps would be taken to probe into the likelihood of sabotage attempts behind the accident.

UP police chief had clarified that the reason for the mishap was the poor maintenance of the railway tracks and dismissed any sabotage attempts. The Modi government that alleges terrorism and conspiracy of the neighbouring country behind every mishap, however, weaved false stories and twisted the events for favouring their political agenda. A Nepalese man was thus accused in the derailment case and arrested from Kathmandu. Despite the evidences that dismiss the sabotage attempts, the Prime Minister had touched upon the train derailment incident during the election rally. Modi had said that the Kanpur tragedy in which hundreds were killed was a ‘conspiracy’ and that the perpetrators carried it out ‘sitting across the border’ in Nepal. He also added that electing ‘only those who are full of patriotism’ would help in tackling such forces.

However, the very next day, UP Police Director General Gopal Gupta during a function attended by Railway Minister Prabhu, made clear that the Indore-Patna Express derailed near Kanpur due to the fractures in the railway tracks and that no traces of explosives were found on the site. Concealing the inefficiency of the Railway by putting blames on others, naturally eliminates even the possibility of timely development. Does this approach suit the leader of a nation?

That the extremely provocative statements and contemptible speeches by the Sangh Parivar leaders in Kerala, is for attracting public attention and a result of their feverish efforts to reach higher positions in the party, is comprehended. No delay should be made in collectively contemplating on the effective methods to rein them down using the hands of law.

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