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Do not shoulder the filth

Do not shoulder the filth

The report related to the sensational Solar scam submitted by Justice Sivarajan Commission on September 26 was tabled by the Chief Minister in the state assembly on Thursday.

The information that came to light shames the people of Kerala and puts at stake the credibility of our respectable politicians and bureaucrats. What has been revealed is that the former Chief Minister who was in charge of the state and the leaders of the ruling party provided all the assistance for the Solar scam that involved cheating customers in the name of a fake company gaining money as well as sexual pleasure as favours. The 1067-page report in four volumes tabled in the assembly proves right the speculations in the media and the allegations and counter allegations of the politicians that has been rife until now. The Commission found that OommenChandy and his personal staff, gunman and an aide in Delhi assisted ‘Team Solar’ comprising Biju Radhakrishnan and Saritha S Nair to dupe their customers.

The report says that the most of the people linked to Team Solar including the union and state Ministers namely K C Venugopal, Palani Manikyam, Aryadan Mohammed, AdoorPraakash and A P Anil Kumar as well as legislators Jose K Mani, Hibi Eden, A P Abdullahkutty, P C Vishnunath along with those at senior positions in the Congress and police officers, were involved in corruption and sexual abuse. When complaints related to Solar scam cropped up and tarnished the reputation of the UDF government, it was the government in power that was compelled to order a probe into the matter. The Commission however, found that Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan who was in charge of Home Affairs and Vigilance then, misused the police system to save OommenChandy from the case in which the former CM and his office were implicated. The Commission also recommends an investigation based on the Prevention of Corruption (PC) Act against the Ministers on whom corruption and illegal gratification have been alleged.

Just asthe Commission described, allegations have been raised against the three pillars of democracy, Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary in connection with the Solar Scam. The Commission had the responsibility of finding the truth and revealing it to the people. The panel fulfilled their duties and as intended, presented it before the people. A special sessionwas convened for the first time in the history of Kerala assembly for the purpose: a welcome move that strengthens democracy. At the same time, the details the report has unveiled are highly deplorable and evoke aversion towards democracy and its machinery. The legislators ruling Kerala and those holding cabinet positions along with the party office bearers and top officials, have shamed Kerala neglecting their statures for wealth and sexual favours; it has also tarnished our political morality.

It is quire likely that a project introduced by the government to utilize the prospects of solar energy that can benefit the people, might be used by interested parties for committing fraud. by . But the government and its machinery bound to curb such scam not only failed to make an effort to do so, but even became party to a long tale of fraud blindly assisting the deceivers out of greed for wealth. A filthy evidence of what all should be sacrificedto approach the authorities for a project and achieve one’s goals. The Commission report gives a clear answer as to why the Chief Minister and his personal staff promised all the required assistance for a bogus bandthat turned up with fake claims including those in the name of their office and also arranged more help. The lureof crores inmoney and sexual favours waswhat prompted the legislators for scandalous behaviour. When the truth came out, the accused ministers instead of leaving the scene, are feverishly trying to cover up their shamelessness by rejecting on flimsy technical grounds a report that was submitted after a four-year long effort examining 214 witnesses and 812 documents.

The moves of the Congress shows that the party would face all the allegations, no matter how low it will have to go. The exceptions were were some 'Sudheera voices' which understood the depth of the situation where an entire party including the top leaders as well as low level party-men are standing accused in the case. Saritha Nair punished the Opposition leader for such a political exploitationby disclosingthe story that hewho tried to save OommenChandy in the assembly, ,was at the initial stage of the allegations was once after Chandy's blood. . Therefore, it is better for the accused to put an end to things without further trying the patience of the people with filthy tales. The people in the Congress and the alliance who have not let go of their decency are expected to do what is required in the matter.

The Chief Minister has ordered a special probe led by DGP Rakesh Diwan after hearing the legal advice of Advocate General, Director General of Prosecution, and former Supreme Court Judge Justice ArijitPasayat in the recommendations by the report. An investigation without any loopholes in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code, Prevention of Corruption Act and the Indian Penal Code, has been ordered in the matters mentioned by the Commission. The government that tabled the report in the assembly has the responsibility of putting into effect the refrain that the law will take its course. Many of the investigations get entangled in the web of political interests often either come to a premature end or become – or are made to becomeirrelevant. Allegations of certain such compromises between the two coalitionsare heard to exist. Therefore, political parties should do everything possible to ensure that they will not bear the filth, and the state government should act with vigilance to help the investigation reach a conclusion thereby restoring the dignity of our democracy and political morality.

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