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Unending sound of gunshots in the US

Unending sound of gunshots in the US

The US which has been reluctant to stop the deadly gun violence, has been once again forced to pay the price for it through a mass shooting.

The indiscriminate gunfire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida by 19-year old Nikolas Cruz on Wednesday claimed seventeen lives. Since the condition of the fourteen people injured are serious, there are apprehensions of the death toll being likely to increase. According to the eyewitnesses, the culprit who was earlier expelled from the school for indiscipline, rang the school bell letting the children out and then opening fire on them. While the investigation officers say that Cruz was a lunatic who grew up playing with guns and weapons, his classmates reveal that he was a racist excited about using guns, knives and arms and was used to talk about mass murders and suicides.

According to the reports, this is the eighteenth episode of gun violence by young adults in America this year. It is the eighteenth school shooting in Florida within the first one a half months of 2018. In five out of the 17 shootings that took place earlier, many had died and several people were injured. The culprits nabbed in all of these cases were boys and girls aged 15, 16 and 17. The latest mass shooting, the deadliest after the Las Vegas shooting on October 3 last year that killed 58 people, is being described as the most dangerous attack in the history of America. In the US, 12, 000 people died in shootings last year alone. The Las Vegas massacre was the 273rd mass shooting in the US during the last one year.

According to the statistics by Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, a non-governmental organization, armed attackers have been unleashing gun violence in the US schools once a week since 2013. The number totals terrifyingly to 90 each every day. In the matter of consigning their own children to murder for the sake of rifle companies, the alternating US administrations or the people who vote them, do not seem to have any rethinking. In America where there is uncontrollable usage of guns, the authorities can do nothing else than place warning sign boards about ban on entry of street gangs and weapons inside the school premises. However, criminals like Cruz ignore those warnings and enter the school premises on rampage.

Even as the US takes forward its anti-terrorism war by waging a battle to curb terrorism all over the world and destroying regions as well as nations, America is currently in a state of helplessness unable to manage the extremism inside the country, which eliminates its own citizens in thousands. While 55 out of 100 people possess guns in Yemen - which the US insults for tribal conflicts and bellicosity - 89 have access to guns in America. About 48 per cent of those armed with guns in the world are in America. About 70 per cent of the people have opened fire at least once in their lives. Even the Arab nations where tribal traditions are still active, have enforced stringent regulations for gun usage, America which witnesses thousands of killings every year, has been reluctant to abandon this uncivilized practice. The country wants to stand with the rifle companies; to secure the permission of the citizens to wipe out the tradition of gun violence they have been practicing since they were young; it also wants to save the citizens from this extremism that is growing alongside- America is currently fretting over how to achieve all of these simultaneously.

As he did with the Las Vegas incident earlier, President Trump was quick to condemn the Florida shooting. And he repeated the assurance that the teachers and students in American schools will no longer be insecure. But the criticism of observers was not wrong that all he had to do was copy and paste the message he used last time. Trump can, as he could then, only express sorrow over the tragedy and keep meaningful silence on slapping control on guns.

For his very campaign was marked by a severe criticism of gun control law. Though Obama from the Democrats who are in favour of gun control, introduced gun control law, it was defeated because of the opposition from Republicans. And as for the new generation of America, statistics show that extremism and fascination for arms are on the rise. In 1960 a referendum was held for law against bearing of gun, 36% had registered opposition, but in 2016 the percentage of opposing section rose to over 70%. And the helplessness of Trump who jumped on the back of these gun-crazy public can easily be guessed. In any case, for those who have a propensity to export democracy and civilisation abroad, it is high time they set their own house in order. That is the message from the sound of gunshots which kill teenagers of schools. Whether they are prepared for that will determine the distance to the next shot.

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