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Imperialism will tear Syria apart

Imperialism will tear Syria apart

It is amidst the claims that the Syria-Iran-Russia coalition on one side and America on the other have been succeeding in restoring peace in the Iraq-Syria region by ousting the extremist group Daesh or the ISIS from their strongholds, that reports have surfaced of Donald Trump administration initiating a project on Sunday, that recruits a militia of 30, 000 personnel along north Syria’s border with Turkey and Iraq.

The civil war that has been continuing in Syria for the last eight years, has almost destroyed the nation aggravating the situation to such an extent that a revival seems least likely. The decision of the US to add fuel to fire and to go to any extent for safeguarding the imperialist and Zionist interests, comes in this situation. According to official UN statistics, the Syrian civil war which has claimed the lives of 4.8 lakh people, has displaced about 1.1 crore people as refugees. Of them, 52 lakh have sought asylum in countries neighboring and others, while 63 lakh people have been driven away from their homes in their own native countries. About 1.36 crore people who still remain in the country are denied even the basic necessities of life. To those who doubt if there is a worse tragedy to befall them, the US has the answer with its frantic attempt to open a new door to hell – to form a new militia by mobilizing the Syrian factions who got scattered when they rose in revolt against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and the Kurds engaged in a secessionist war to break away from Turkey.

When the US military force entered Syria under the guise of helping the Syrian rebel fighters, wise voices were heard that it was not any rescue operation but in reality an imperialistic ploy to fish in trouble waters. When Ba’ath Socialist party dictator Bashar al-Assad, who had vowed that he would continue to remain in power as president even if the last Syrian dies, sought military assistance from Russia and Iran, the last few years witnessed bloodshed and total devastation reaching its peak. With Bashar receiving the active support of Hezbollah, Lebanon’s Shia militia, the Sunni majority in Syria was thrown into complete chaos. It was amidst this that the Islamic State (IS) terrorists emerged in Mosul, Iraq under mysterious circumstances. The phenomenon called IS which captured villages and cities at an unbelievable speed and established supremacy in major part of Iraq and Syria, was bent upon spreading unrest all across the Muslim world. And when thousands died in the bombings carried out by the US in the name of uprooting IS, the Russian army which intervened militarily under the same pretext, targeted the strongholds of those who opposed Bashar. The horrifying loss of human lives and influx of refugees which shocked the world, took place in this military operation in which neither of the world powers has anything to lose. And Trump’s declared formation of the militia has paved the way to sabotage all that, amidst the most recent discussions to restore peace involving Turkey, Russia and Iran started sending a ray hope.

The US move has patently two objectives. One, destabilizing Bashar Al-Assad regime in Syria, and strangulating Iran and two, ousting Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime in Turkey which despite being a NATO ally staunchly opposes the mad policies of the US. Right at the time of the failed military coup against Erdogan, reports had emerged that America was behind it. But Erdogan who survived the coup bid with the full support of his people, strongly opposed Trump's declaration of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital which became the latest provocation for US. In addition, Turkey does not accept Trump's move to tighten US embargo against Iran, amidst Turkey's attempts to make its relations with Iran warm. In this scenario, the US plot is to arm the Kurdish group of PKK in Turkey, which is the biggest headache for Turkey, and equip them to fight against Ankara. And Erdogan has already declared that it will take action against Afrin, the stronghold of the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in north Syria. The Turkish threat is to drown to death the extremist force, and Russia has accused US of attempting to fragment Syria. Therefore, the joint decision of both Russia and Iran is to maintain their forces within Syria. Given that the United Nations can but remain silent spectator of the inhuman and disastrous action of big powers, it is only a matter of time that the cradle of civilization that the Syria-Iraq region is, gets torn apart. And the less said the better about the Arab nations who cannot even raise a cry about all this.

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