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Beyond the tragic fall of a hate campaigner

Beyond the tragic fall of a hate campaigner

Dr Pravin Togadia is one who has dedicated his life and energy for spreading hatred and animosity against other religious communities through the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) which comes under the umbrella organization of Sangh Parivar.

The nation eagerly watches the reports related to Togadia and his statements emanating from him because the horrifying face of the Fascist style it embodies, is of grave nature. The sudden disappearance of a leader under Z plus security, and his later discovery in an unconscious state in a park near Ahmadabad raise several questions. The allegations raised by Togadia that some persons in senior positions were using police help to finish him through a fake encounter and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was behind this conspiracy, points to the backdoor secrets of the tug of war for power as well as the inernal bickering continuing within the Sangh Parivar. Those who have not fully understood the concepts of Hindutva might be wondering whether this ideology had such a face. He claims that attempts were being made to eliminate him by digging up old cases. Though the Rajasthan government had withdrawn the case, the Rajasthan police landed in Ahmadabad to execute an arrest warrant issued against him. Togadia has demanded to make public the details of telephone conversations between Modi and Ahmadabad Joint Commissioner for the last two weeks.

There were reports that it was when several tactics deployed by Modi-Amit Shah duo to oust Togadia from the leadership position of the VHP failed, that the old co-workers of the hardline Hindutva drifted apart and turned foes. It is not yet forgotten that both had earlier joined hands together to communalise Gujarat and turn it into a laboratory by seizing power. The methods adopted by Togadia to ignite communal conflicts by spreading communal poison in social and cultural sectors are shocking and contemptible. At a time when the minds of Keralites were in turmoil owing to the Marad riots, Togadia had rushed to the state making attempts to add fuel to fire and using a highly provocative tone during his speech against the minorities and their cultural centres. Though the then UDF government had registered a case against him, those concerned did not show the will to proceed with it or fetch him the punishment he deserved.

The misfortune that has befallen the VHP leader is unlikely to bring any one to tears. Those who vitiate a country's psyche with poison do deserve a tragic and disgraceful fall. Togadia's soon-to-be-released book 'Saffron Reflections – Faces and Marks', is said to contain several shocking revelations about prime minister Modi and other Hindutva leaders, and some are reported to be out to to block its publication. It is amidst such reports that the disappearance of Thogadia, and allegations about fake encounter have ignited controversy.

One can read from history that many of the ideologues of the RSS had courted similar bad fate. When the dead body of Jan Sangh, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya was discovered on the rail track on 10 February 1968, fingers of suspicion were pointed at Sangh Parivar too. The mystery surrounding the death of Hindu Maha Sabha leader and the founder president of Jan Sangh Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee is still not fully resolved. And more of such suspicions were raised about the vicious Modi-Amit Shah combination following the tragic end of former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya who was politically on the opposite pole of Modi. Although the going narrative then was that the murder was committed by certain Muslim extremists from Hyderabad, people still believe that the black hands of the government were behind this ruthless murder committed during the rule of chief minister Narendra Modi. The Fascist pattern of physically liquidating political opponents and those who hurdles in their path, is inherited by Hindutva too. That those who are not willing to be restrained within the iron curtain of the party, will be kept at arm's length and politically isolated is amply illustrated by the living examples of not only Govindacharya, Uma Bharati and Kalyan Singh, but even those of the class of LK Advani and Dr Murli Manohar Joshi. RSS will bow to authority as much they are asked. But the hate monger Praveen Togadia is becoming a victim of the phenomenon in which any one incurring the displeasure of those holding the sceptre will be mercilessly eliminated with the blessing of the saffron ideology.

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