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Israel poses against international community

Israel poses against international community

The 'nation state law' passed by Israel parliament will give legal and constitutional sanctity to all types of racial discrimination. Hence, the Zionist nation is conceding themselves the blame of being discriminatory and apparthite. Now on the Israel government can maneuver overall racist governance without any legal barriers. After Hitler, Mussolini and South African apartheid, the honour of making discrimination a constitutional value will now be entitled to "the only democratic state in middle east".

Jewish state status and discriminatory policy are being part of the Israel constitution, no matter if it is pronounced as such or not. The essence of the new law lies in the announcement that the arab ethnic community, who constitute the one-fifth of the Israel population, no longer holds the claim for equal rights. The official language status of Arabic, language of that 18 lakh community, is being eroded. Quashing a distant possibility for a Palestine nation with East Jerusalem as its capital, Israel has declared the undivided Jerusalem as its capital. There is nothing to be amazed as discrimination is a genetical character of Israel, especially, as the country is for a long time reigned by the extreme right coalition governments. Israel had passed 65 discriminatory laws that marginalise Arab-Palestine citizens before enacting the newly approved "nationstate law".

The new enactment that establish the jews as the first grade citizens and others as untitled or at times as stripped of basic citizenship, reveal the appartheid character of Israel. The status of ethnic arabs in the country as a community who are denied right to land property, right to return homeland, right to live, right to family life, right to protest and expression of ideas and right to approach court, is being regularised. Thus many laws which are incongruous for common sense, let alone humanity, are being legalised.

According to Israel's absentee law 1950, Palestinian refugees expelled are absentees and are denied any rights. The Law of Return gave Jews from anywhere in the world the right to automatically become Israeli citizens. However, those Palestinians, who were expelled from the land are not entitled to that right.

According to a law of 2003, a Israel citizen cannot live with his spouse who is living in the occupied territories. This law which affected thousands of Palestinian families, was renewed last June, for the 15th year, making it in effect a permanent law.

In fact, this law is not only discriminatory towards Palestinians; far more it is a tight slap on the face of international community. Because, this move is a face to face challenge to the international community. Though futile, peace in Palestine is yet an agenda for UN and others. Israel now says, we will do whatever we like.

Israel throw the discriminatory law at the face of the UN, who failed to declare Israel as an apparthite country. The question is that if the world can reject the new move, which is opposed even by jews who are not zionists and ensure justice. Beyond US, racist Israel is being acknowledged even by a few arab countries. In such a situation, this move is a test for other countries. We witnessed Israel Prime Minister threatening not to interfere in internal affairs when European Union expressed its opposition. The 77 resolutions passed by the UN and member countries are testing their courage. Precisely, Israel has now placed the international community, not Palestine, as its rivals.

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