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Not only Pulwama to be probed


SM Mushrif was a police officer in the rank of Inspector General in Maharashtra police.   The book he authored titled "Who killed Karkare?"  has sold thousands of copies in different languages.. What makes that book stand out is its revelations - at variance with the mainstram narrative - about the Mumbai terrorist attacks of November 2008.   It deals with several inscrutable aspects surrounding the explosion in which eminent police officers like Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar were killed.  

Hemant Karkare was an officer who hit headlines by bringing to light the masterminds of serial explosons including Malegaon,   and who busted the Hindutva terrorist network including current BJP MP from Bhopal Pragya Singh Thakur.   Karkare was killed in a sudden terrorist attack at a time when he was steadily going ahead with a probe into the Hindutva terrorist network.  Therefore,  the question raised by Mushrif is whether the Mumbai attack was a drama played out with an intention to liquidate Karkare.  But the content of his book was not taken seriously by the government.   All the same,  the government did not dare take any legal action either against him for having written a book with such deadly content,  on a subject related to national security.  The only known fact is that the saffron brigade led by Shrikant Purohit and Pragya Singh Thakur became the biggest beneficiary of the Mumbai terrorist attack.

It is also a fact that serious doubts and mysteries exist not only about the Mumbai attack,  but even about dozens of other terrorist attacks in India.  All such terrorist attacks have one thing in common:  most of these attacks take place when the sangh parivar was in some crisis or when it had some other political goals to achieve.   Take the parliament attack of 13 December 2001.  The attack took place when the BJP-led government under Vajpayee was facing a huge crisis around the Kargil coffin scam.   In a letter written by Afzal Guru,  who was hanged to satisfy 'public conscience',   he has made a mention that the instruction to take one of the accused of the case to Delhi,  was given to him by Davinder Singh,  a top officer of the Special Operation group of Kashmir.   For reasons beyond comprehension,  neither this letter nor other statements of Afzal Guru was considered by the court at all.  In the more recent instance,  it was the nationalist frenzy created in the wake of Pulwama terrorist attack in February 2019 that gave BJP a big win in the following general election.   In this same Pulwama,  Davinder Singh was at the head of police till August 2018.   And it is the same Davinder Singh who was arrested by Kashmir police while he was travelling with two Hizbul Mujahideen secessionists last Saturday.  A huge cache of arms was also seized in the raid conducted into his residence. 

The protests that have erupted across the country following the enactment of the citizenship law,  has put the sangh parivar and the central government in a huge crisis.   It is in the midst of this that news quoting intelligence sources started being published from Delhi indicating possible terrorist attacks on Republic Day.  And Davinder Singh was caught on his way to Delhi with Hizb fighters.   All these put together,  there is a smell of something dangerous.   And they all arouse fears about a 'deep state' - that works within our governmental machinery.

Human rights movements have for long been raising serious suspicions related to the terrorist attacks that happened in the country.  But,  even Opposition parties are not prepared to pay due heed to their concerns.  But the arrest of Dadinder Singh, caught in the act,  has made parties including the Congress do some talking at least to a certain extent.   Congress has by now demanded a probe into the role of Davinder Singh in the Pulwama attacks and the parliament attack. This will perhaps be a demand raised by the Congress with the biggest striking power in recent times.   Opposition parties, including the Congress,  should be prepared to take this demand to a wider scale.  And that should not be limited to Davinder Singh alone.  Most important is to arrive at the ways in which the existene of a deep state is destroying our country.    The need in fact is to conduct a re-probe into the terrorist attacks that happened in the country.  But it would be naïve to expect the central government to  come forward for that.  At the same time,  the Opposition should,  at least now be ready to raise this as serious political demand.

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