Killings of our times?

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I’m left aghast at the killings taking place in developed India! If one were to focus on the state of  affairs in the state of  Uttar Pradesh, it is  the  State police that has been indulging in  killings out there in the  open.

State terrorism!  Quoting these figures from the PUCL findings on encounters taking place in Uttar Pradesh: Since March 2017, 49 people have been killed in over 1,100 encounters. More than 370 have been injured and over 3,300 arrested across the state.

And those not killed by the State machinery are getting lynched by the well -trained and well -nurtured goons. After all, if full- fledged training camps are running under the several Right -wing banners, to target the ‘other’, there is bound to be violence.  What else will the ‘trained’ men and women do but to  lynch and destroy structures, human and otherwise. I have been told by  several villagers in Uttar  Pradesh that if they are  not connected to the  ‘shakhas’ and with that not  close to the  ruling mafia, they will have  little chance of getting protection and  much more along the strain.

Today, of course, lynching and killings are spreading out , to the other states of the country. There is a clear and apparent pattern to them. There is a direct connect between the killings and the hateful violence spreading out.  Alibis could range, from child lifters to cow killers, but the end result is killing of humans as never before.

Mind you, this state of  anarchy could pave way for more violence as two factors loom large: not  just the upcoming general elections of  2019  but also there stands  out the fact that till recently the masses were sitting somewhat subdued, waiting for miracles to  happen on the  social and economical fronts, but  with worsening conditions  there is not  just  frustration but complete disillusionment with the  State and its machinery.  With dismal figures on the very basics -  roti, kapda , makaan, justice and fair play  -  the masses are sitting hungry and angry.  Quite  obviously, they cannot  unleash their anger on the  political  mafia as today’s  political  creatures   move around in  big-bodied   vehicles  complete with frilly security bandobast, so  they are  catching  hold of just about  any  two-legged creatures coming their way.

 In fact, why just the humans, today even trees are not spared.  One can imagine what must be taking place in rural locales, when in this capital city, New Delhi, trees are getting cut and chopped. Mind you ,not by the land or forest mafia but  rather  too officially  by the sarkar! Why?  To  build  new homes for  its sarkari men. Yes, at the cost of murdering thousands of trees, right  in front of our eyes.  Strange ironies and bizarre arguments hit. On one hand reports hold out that  at least 9  lakhs  trees  ought to be  immediately planted in and around  the capital city to save the  city’s  residents’ lungs (whatever remains of their breathing apparatus!),  yet this government seems hell bent  on  killing  existing trees…over  16,000 trees in the firing line!

What better can be  expected  when we  have  ministers like the Union Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs, Hardeep Singh Puri,  who  all too  naively  stated ,  ‘For every tree that is cut we will plant 10 trees…Green cover will go up by three times after re-development of seven colonies in South Delhi.’

Minister Puri should be aware of the basic fact that trees don’t grow overnight! Nor in accordance with political commands! Trees are not made of synthetic ingredients so that they can be made, rather made up, according to ministerial wants and dictates and  order.  Of course, they can be  axed by a  governmental order or they  can  be  killed in that  slow and steady  with a  horribly polluted atmosphere spreading around but  they cannot be forced to grow in a  jiffy. Nah, none of your modern day techniques can turn saplings into trees in a fast paced way! They follow Nature’s way and cannot be controlled by the political powers.

Correct me if  I’m wrong but   kings of the centuries  gone by  were  far aware of the  role of trees in the very  upkeep  of the environment. Here I must  mention this  incident which is  perhaps  enough to relay Mughal  Emperor Aurangzeb’s  concern for trees -  During  Aurangzeb’s  rule,  Srinagar’s Jama Majid and  its outlying  complex  were gutted in a  fierce fire …in this fire  Chinar  trees growing in the  outer complex were also  affected. When the  news of  the  fire  reached  Emperor Aurangzeb he was  more  worried and concerned about the  Chinar  trees safety than about the  masjid. His rationale that the masjid could be re- built in a few years but the   Chinar  trees will take decades to  grow.

How many more will be killed by 2019!

Yes, worries accelerate as 2019 nears. How many more will be killed in the coming months by the political mafia? What more political distractions will be fitted in to distract the public from hunger and joblessness?

What more havoc will the power hungry politicians indulge in, in the  Kashmir  Valley?  Going by the latest reports the politicians are not ready to give up their  dangerous games in the Valley.

If, in the context of the encounters taking place, particular locales of Uttar  Pradesh are described  by activists as ‘ killing  fields of Uttar  Pradesh’,  then it's  about time to describe the  Kashmir Valley as a place where the  politicians  are  ongoing with their  deadly designs.  One news report after  another of the  killings  taking place in the  Valley, might  shock you and  me, but not  the thick –skinned  politician of the  day.