Pillows never bolster up health

placing a pillow beneath the head is the first step towards sleep. Then the quality of pillow—fluffy or stony?—will decide the quality of your sleep. How fathomless has gone the habit!

 Is it the best way to sleep? No, say experts. A pillow beneath head is not a good idea.  On the contrary, saying no to pillow yields many health benefits. It will improve the quality of your sleep in the first place. Alongside, it can help cut down stress and boost memory.  

Sleep is a restorative process of body. Posture during sleep is important, because it could otherwise lead to troubled sleep or no sleep at all, causing stress from thoughts.  Sleeping with pillow puts body in a wrong position. Being awake through night affects memory.

Bad posture from placing pillow beneath the head gives you back pain. Your spine needs good rest at night, but pillow distorts its natural curve. Ditch your pillow especially if it is thick.

Do you know that sleeping sans pillow can prevent acne breakout?

Pillow can be dirty latched with dirt, bacteria and dust, escalating growth of acne.

Alongside they can enhance the risk of getting wrinkles. In sleep your facial skin get very loose, resting on the pillow leading to early wrinkles.

As for babies, long use of pillow may cause the flat head syndrome, where head becomes flat on one side. Their heads are still very soft, pillow can flatten them out, while causing sprain in the neck.  

If you still can’t do away with your pillow, find a right pillow—one which is less thick and neither too hard nor too soft.