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Yiwu: "That's Ganesha! Sells the most. How many pieces do you want," asks Chin, pointing at the miniature idol of Hindu God sitting on the shelf of his shop.

"If you want a smaller one, I can give that also. How many" he prods further.

The 35-year-old Chinese owner of a gift shop, who claims to be an atheist and may not know anything about Hinduism, makes the most by trading the idols of Hindu Gods from Yiwu to India.


Diabetic patients who fast during Ramadan are likely to be at risk of major health complications. Hence they should fast only if their doctors consider them fit enough, experts say.

The month-long period that is typically marked by long fasting hours during daylight hours is followed by grand feast each evening after sunset (Iftaar), which can be continued till pre-dawn (Sehri).


Ramadan is here and so is the lip-smacking haleem, the season's flavour which during the holy month trumps even biryani, the signature dish of Hyderabad.

Bhattis or brick-and-mud ovens in front of eateries are a common sight, be it in the centuries-old markets around historic Charminar, other parts of Hyderabad or the twin city of Secunderabad.


A two-year-old boy visiting a zoo in Japan had a very close encounter with an excited lion.

In a video that has gone viral, the King of the Jungle can be seen charging the unsuspecting boy from behind, only to crash head first into the glass, separating him from the child and the rest of the happy zoo-goers.


In the early years of independent India, when the newly-freed nation was desperate to make its mark in the world, a 4 feet 11 inch bodybuilder -- Manohar Aich -- propelled the country into limelight, winning the Mr Universe title in 1952.

He was only the second Indian, after Monotosh Roy in 1951, to win the prestigious title in any category.


New Delhi: Muhammad Ali was not a mere boxer, he was much more, the greatest as he claimed and adored by millions around the globe. He was not loved for his amazing boxing skills alone, more for his endearing beliefs.

He was an inspiration for not only sportspersons but also to millions around the world. His fearlessness gave the blacks the confidence to fight for their rights.


The abandoned cluster of rickety and burned walls, which once was home to upper-middle-class Gujarati Muslims in the Hindu-dominated Chamanpura of Ahmedabad, bears a mute witness to the harrowing journey for justice of families who lost their all in the massacre by a mob a day after the February 27, 2002, Godhra train burning episode.

And on Thursday when a court in Ahmedabad convicted 24 and pronounced 36 persons as innocent in the case, the families who have relentlessly been fighting the legal battle say justice is still not done.


Gory pictures on cigarette packets depicting the dangers of smoking have helped people kick the butt. But despite all the images of the diseased lungs and heart, the number of girls taking to the habit of smoking is on the rise. One of the prime responsibilities and a large opportunity in public health in the 21st century is to prevent the increase in smoking among women.


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Most people consider their pets to be like members of their family but one Russian couple ended up welcoming an animal to their home that most would be terrified to spot even at a distance: a seven-foot tall bear. 

For Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko this wild idea is actually a way of life that extends far beyond sharing the odd meal at the dinner table. They are so comfortable with their 23-year-old Stepan that the three even watch television together.


Mahathat Temple, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya (Thailand): The sheer splendour of Ayutthaya makes one forget that it is a balmy May afternoon when on a visit to the Unesco World Heritage Site some 80 km from Thailand's capital Bangkok.

After lunch at a riverside restaurant at modern-day Ayutthaya, the visit to the once flourishing temple city was an enriching experience.

Founded in 1350, Ayutthaya was the second capital of the Siamese kingdom.