Filmmaker Odessa Sathyan passes away

Kozhikode: Renowned documentary filmmaker and activist Odessa Sathyan passed away here Tuesday morning.

A revolutionary and a former naxalite, Sathyan was aged 52 when he died at 3 am in Kozhikode Medical College. He had been undergoing treatment for cancer.

Sathyan founded the movie enterprise, 'Odessa movies' that produced crowd-funded films along with late director John Abraham.

He came to the limelight through the mass cinematic movement that surfaced during the late 1970s. His Odessa movement earned him his nickname.

Sathyan, a strong advocate for crowd-funding movies, was a close companion of John Abraham. 'Ithrayum Yathabhagam', a documentary on poet Ayyappan, 'Mortuary of Love' and 'Agnirekha' are some of the short films he has made. The death of naxalite Varghese also figured as his documentary subject.

The cremation would take place at 5 in the evening at his home in Narayana Nagar in Vadakara. Sathyan is survived by wife Jennifer and children Soya and Sandra.