Innocent presents 'Smile at Cancer Ward' in Italian to Sonia

(Innocent presenting of a copy of translation of his book to Sonia Gandhi)

New Delhi: Malayalam actor and humorist and Member of Parliament, Innocent presented a copy of his autobiographical work on his experience as a cancer patient,  'Smile at Cancer Ward'  (original Malayalam title Cancer Wardile Chiri) to Italian-born former Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Italian philosophy researcher and writer Dr Sabrina Lei translated the book to Italian a copy of which Innocent took to Sonia.

Earlier when Innocent had shared his experience of cancer-affected days in Parliament, Sonia Gandhi had sought details of that.  It was after that Innocent decided to get his work rendered into Italian and gift it to her.  The actor got a translator handy in Dr Sabrina whose husband Dr Abdul Lateef Chalikkandy is a Keralite who migrated to Italy.

Dr Lei is proficient in Greek, Latin and Hebrew languages and has a doctorate in the philosophy of Aristotle. She studied in Sapienza University of Rome, and has authored nearly 25 books on Islam and related topics.

A foundation launched by Dr Lei, named 'Tawasul Europe',   aiming to narrow the gap between Islam and the West and to facilitate dialogue among various religions and cultures,  has caught inernational attention.  Author of a translation of the Quran based on the English commentary by Abdulla Yusuf Ali,   she is also in an attempt to translate  Bhagvat Gita to Italian.