Four more bodies recovered in Church wall collapse

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Kochi: Four more bodies pulled out from debris in the Parish wall collapse in Kuthiyathode, Paravur.  

Added to the two bodies recovered yesterday, the toll has spiked to six.

Bodies recovered were identified as Poulose, Kunjousep, Ilanjikadan Jomon and his father.

Both the military personnel and people worked together to pull out the bodies. 

Mortal remains of Panakal James ( 55), and Gauriyar(45) had been recovered on  Sunday afternoon, after much difficulty.

The six men sought refuge inside St. Xavier’s Church when water had started swelling up in their neigbhourhood.

Kuthiyathode is the intersection of 1 and 15 wards of Kunnukara Panchayat.

When water levels rose up at this confluent point of Periyar River, Chalakudiyar and Manjilathode, people sought refuge in relief camps.

People died in the wall mishap included them.  

Upstairs of the ninety-year-old Church’s had collapsed on Friday.