Helicopter crash in Mumbai: Four Die, Missing include two Keralites

A helicopter crashed on the coast of Mumbai carrying two pilots and five employees of the Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) of which four died.   The dead are yet to be identified.  The debris of the chopper was recovered from the sea.   The site of the mishap was close to the border of Gujarat. 

Three dead bodies were recovered in the search conducted by Coast Guard and there was no information about the others.  Indications are that out of the three ONGC employees,  two were from Kerala,  Antony Jose from Kothamangalam and VK Babu .

During the flight,  the copter lost contact with Air Traffic Control.  The Pawan Hans helicopter,  which is seven years old had started her flight at 10.20 am from Juhu and had maintained communications with Mumbai ATC until it got 30 nautial miles away,  but lost the contact at 10.35 am.

The copter was scheduled to land in ONGC's  north field at 10.53.  When it ceased to have any contact, and there was no sign of its landing at scheduled time,  search operations were started.  The Coast Guard is continuing the search.