Kerala in Dire Financial Straits, Big Burden of Pension and Salaries: Gita Gopinath.

Kerala is facing a big burden from pension and salary heads, according to Gita Gopinath,  Economic Advisor to Chief Minister.  As a result,  the state is facing grave financial crisis,  she said.

In her opinion, the situation needs to change with greater importance accorded to the private sector.  There has to be more investment in infra-structure development by the private sector.   Gopinath expressed the hope that GST will bring more benefits to the state in future.  She said she has discussed these matters with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Finance Minister Thomas Isaac.

Gita Gopinath,  who used to be a professor of economics,  has worked on several panels including the advisory council of the Central government,  and was appointed the chief minister's advisor in the background of such  experience.