No leniency to Drunken Drivers: Police Chief

State Chief of Police has directed the force's officers that they should not show any leniency towards drunken drivers.   However, he cautioned that the police should behave in decorum with all including drunken drivers.  

The state is working on a goal to reduce the number of road accidents by 25% over a three year period,  and was intensifying inspections with this aim.  DGP Loknath Behra has given instructions to this effect to district police chiefs.

In comparison with 2016,  the number and mortality rate of  road accidents have come down last year.  With the introduction of speed cameras,  the number of accidents on national highways has also declined.   There are plans to instal more camers along national highways.  Most road accidents involve two wheelers,  which form 60% of the total accidents.  There has been a fall in the accidents involving KSRTC and private buses, lorry and jeep.  On the other hand accidents involving  mini-buses and cars have increased.  Inspections have to make sure that car drivers use seatbelts and two wheeler riders wear helmet.

More accidents take placd a night,  the main reason for this being drivers dozing off.  Therefore,  night patrol has to be boosted.   There should be efforts with the help of voluntary organizations to stop the vehicles and offer drivers strong tea and coffee.  Strict measures should be taken to enforce code of conduct on four-lane tracks and to stop unauthorized parking.  Traffic awareness campaigns should be conducted in schools and colleges to reduce two wheeler accidents.  And inspections should be enhanced in places where racing and overspeeding happen.