No Space For Political Killings In Civilised Society : HC Rejects Bail for Shuhaib case accused

Kochi: The High Court of Kerala rejected the application for regular bail filed by four youth accused in the murder of Youth Congress worker Shuhaib a year ago.

"The theory of annihilation of political opponents has no space in a society of civilised human beings", observed Justice Sunil Thomas yesterday while dismissing the bail application.

The Court observed that if the accused were released on bail, there would be every possibility of the witnesses being intimidated or threatened and the repetition of crimes.

Shuhaib, aged 29 years, was hacked to death on February 12, 2018.  Swords and country bombs were used to attack him. The post-mortem report indicated that he had sustained 29 deep cut injuries with sharp edges. All the injuries were spread on the various parts of the body. Multiple injuries were inflicted on his leg. All the major blood veins on the leg were cut.

In the FIR registered by Mattannur police, offences punishable under various of IPC were included. The four accused in early twenties - Akash A P, Ranji Raj, Jithin K and Deep Chant- are alleged to be CPI(M) workers who committed the attack as part of political revenge.

"Available records indicate the extremely diabolic and cruel manner of murdering the political opponent using country bomb and swords. Evidently, dangerous weapons have been used. Witnesses are local persons. Crime was committed after meticulous and detailed planning and was executed with the precision of professional killers. It was a retaliation for an earlier political attack. Petitioners have direct involvement in the actual commission of crime", observed the Court.

Tuesday's observations by the Court on political murders came in the wake of the twin murders of Youth Congress workers Kripesh and Sharat Lal in Kasargod district on Sunday night.