SC could have ordered compensation for apartment owners: Justice Kemal Pasha

Kochi: The Supreme Court could have ordered the government or the local self government to pay compensation to the flat owners of Maradu in Kochi, former High Court judge Justice Kemal Pasha has said.

Talking to presspersons after a meeting with the apartment owners, the former judge said that it was not apartments  but the life of the owners that got devastated in Maradu.

"SC should hear what the owners have to say. The court has issued an order without hearing those who are affected by the judgement.  As per Article 142, the court is entitled to take any action that is required to ensure justice.   The court can order compensation for the owners as per prevailing market rate. The court could issue orders saving the owners," Justice Kemal Pasha.  He added that he hoped to see justice being given to the owners who have filed a review petition.

The state government can do nothing but to delay implementing the order. The government ought to ensure alternate facility for owners if the flats are demolished. The government should explore  all ways to overcome the order, Kemal Pasha said.