ASER Report 2018: 56 percent of Class VIII students can't do basic maths

New Delhi:  The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), 2018 says that girls outshine boys in academics, but when it comes to maths boys edge over them.

The report compiled by Pratham NGO reveals uncomfortable truth about primary and secondary level education in India.

Nationally, 50 per cent of all boys in the age group 14 to 16 could solve a division problem against 44 per cent of all girls, the report stated.

The survey covered 596 districts, 354,944 households and 546,527 children in the 3-16 age group.

Glaringly enough, over 80 percent standard 3 students in the government schools and 70 percent standard 3 children in rural India still can’t do basic maths.

The survey considered three major aspects: school enrolment and attendance, basic reading and math abilities, and school facilities with sports infrastructure.